Great Earning Summer Jobs for Students and Pupils

It often seems a little like a catch 22 situation when looking for a well-paid summer job as a student as you may not yet have the qualifications that allow you to demand a higher pay.
There are however many jobs you can do that will actually bring in a pretty penny, all you need is a little motivation and some spare time.

Here’s our pick of the best:

Summer Jobs Online

Freelancing online isn’t just for professionals with degrees many skills are sought after by companies large and small. As you work remotely you suddenly have access to potential hirers across the globe increasing your chances of reaping rewards.

Part time admin

You could offer services from your own room (PC required) such as:


Be paid for your opinion as you give valuable feedback to big brands, you can be paid with vouchers, cash or prize draw tickets. It’s a great way to earn a little extra as you watch TV!


If you have the gift of the gab you could win business for companies online simply by using your phone. Many companies will ask you to follow leads as they give you a list of potential customers and you could be paid by call or commission. Some even allow you to use email as a form of communication which is obviously a bonus too.


It’s amazing how many start-ups need virtual administrators to organise their virtual offices, with experience you could also be a virtual PA. All you need is great organisational skills, a personable attitude and an enthusiasm to work. You can field calls, take messages and forward them on or you could even be given the enviable task of managing business people’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Writer’s Assistant

Some well-known copywriters are willing to train budding English or media students in the art of copywriting for business; they’ll also pay you for work. You must have some samples to show and a willingness to learn as copywriting can include quite a lot of psychology. For anyone wanting to be a journalist or a writer, this can be an invaluable step up.

Summer Jobs Offline

In your local area offline there are many jobs available just waiting for a reliable student to fill the space.

Summer job

For instance you could be a:

Fruit Picker

Although this may not sound very glamorous it is actually a very well paid job. You are usually paid for the amount you pick rather than the time you spend. If you work efficiently, you can also work flexibly, allowing you time spare to enjoy the limited sunshine!


Whether you live in a tourist trap or a regular town, waiters and waitresses are always in high demand. For maximum earning power it’s best to target hotels, guest houses and restaurants. Chain food outlets and cafes are unlikely to give you the opportunity to double or treble your wage in tips. A waiting job also looks great on a CV as it shows you’re good at face to face customer relations; you have a personable character and can work under pressure.


The Youth Hostel Association are always busy during the summer months and love students who like to be hands on. You could finally spend time in a favourite city as you take on a live in job that gives you a good wage while covering all of your bills.

You’ll meet people from all over the world and gain a lot of skills, especially in the smaller hostels where you’re expected to cook, clean, be a receptionist and even provide the entertainment.


If you have patience and genuinely enjoy the company of children you could find work as a summer nanny, child-minder or even as an au pair abroad. You’ll receive a good disposable income while spending your days in bright happy company.