Part Time Jobs for Extra Income

Looking to Earn a Part Time Income from Home?

If you are looking to work from home part time, there are many opportunities available. These include online surveys, data input, stuffing envelopes, article writing, sales, virtual assistant, research, web design, manufacturing and many more. There are numerous jobs available which do not need any skills or experience, but if you do have skills in a certain area, then there should be a home working opportunity which would suit you.

Part time worker

In addition to these jobs, you may want to consider looking at jobs in direct selling. Direct selling is a very popular sector if you want to work part time, and employs 40,000 people. The sector of direct selling includes companies such as Avon, Phoenix Trading and Kleeneze. You could sell anything from cosmetics to household items, earning commission of around 25% on everything that you sell.

Where to Look for Home Working Jobs

Jobcentre Plus

A popular place to search for jobs is online at Jobcentre Plus. This website will list opportunities with direct selling companies. The Jobcentre Plus Advisor has a page called Work From Home which gives advice on the types of home working options available and provides links to some online home working sites where there is a selection of home working jobs that you can choose from. These include data entry, online surveys, article writing, envelope stuffing, administration, sales and many more. Opportunities with direct selling companies can also be found. The Jobcentre Plus website provides valuable tips on how to apply for jobs, how to write your CV and also gives links to where you can access childcare.


This is another site worth consideration when seeking a part time job from home. You can specify that you are looking for home working jobs, and the site will provide you with some options. You can also type in your location and the types of home working jobs you are looking for, and the site will search for jobs in your area. Some of these jobs will have been advertised in the local newspapers. Examples currently found on the website include a home based customer services advisor who could earn £7.25 per hour.


This is a large recruitment website, similar to Fish4Jobs, which currently lists thousands of home working opportunities. Many of these jobs are either paid by the hour or listed as an annual wage. Examples currently found on the website include a customer services advisor who could earn £6.50 - £10.00 per hour, or a business administrator who could earn £15,000 per annum. If you have a specific skill, you can detail this in your search in order to make the list more targeted to you.

Direct Selling

There are many direct selling jobs which allow you to work from home part-time. Direct selling companies include Avon, Phoenix Trading, Kleeneze, Barefoot Books, Betterware and many more. Depending on which company you work for, you could be selling cosmetics, fashion jewellery, books, household products, etc. Direct selling will give you the freedom to earn good money and allow you to work around your family commitments. You can find an extensive list of direct selling companies on the Direct Selling Association website.

Avon is an extremely popular choice for those who enjoy meeting new people and wish to work flexibly. It is the largest direct selling company and has over six million customers. You can join the company as a sales representative where you can earn commission on products that you sell. You can show your friends the brochures and they can choose what they would like to order. Alternatively, you can be designated an area an work door to door. It's a very sociable way of working as you can show samples and help people choose.

The earnings with Avon are good, and the more you sell, then more you will get paid. A representative could easily earn £1 in every £4 which is sold. If you have orders of £78.00, you would earn 20% commission, but if you have orders worth more than £148, then the rate of 25% applies, so the more products you sell, the more money you will earn.

There are also opportunities to work as a sales leader where you would recruit new representatives. These could be your customers, friends, families or other parents. As a sales leader you would earn commission for every person that you recruit, and you would also earn a percentage of the commission for every sale that they make. If you are interested in working for Avon as a sales representative, visit their website and if you leave your details, a representative from Avon will contact you to have a chat about your options.

Sell your Products at a Party or Coffee Morning

Another option for direct selling is to take samples of your products into people's homes. You could ask someone to arrange a coffee morning or a party and you could demonstrate your products in their home in a relaxed environment. The person who has arranged the party will get a discount on their purchases in exchange for inviting their friends. You could start off by inviting one of your friends to throw a party, and then using the contacts to throw further parties as your business grows. This is a very sociable and fun way to earn extra cash. There are many companies that offer this type of selling, which include Body Shop at Home and Ann Summers.

Finding a Part Time Job that Suits You

There are many opportunities for you to earn extra cash from home. Think about how many hours you are able to work, what type of work you would enjoy and would fit around your home commitments - you should find something that would benefit you.