Paid Surveys Under the Spotlight

Opinion Surveys make a great contribution to marketing agency efforts, because they enable businesses to get close to consumers and find out what they really think. However – contrary to what 'the other' survey websites may say SurveyCompare is up front enough to advertise this as extra money, as opposed to significant income that you could retire on.

That said, doing internet surveys off this website is a great way to supplement your income, and save on your shopping bills at the same time too. It could even help you fill up your piggybank and finally afford the twenty-inch flat screen Samsung television you always wanted in the bedroom.

In return, we ask that you express your opinions honestly after thinking through the questions carefully. Otherwise, the exercise is a waste of time.

Getting Started

To get started doing surveys online, all you need do is sign-up free today by visiting out registration page. This will take you to a form where you can input your demographic details.

After that, it is just a matter of choosing the survey companies you want to work with. Do take time to check out our favourites first, so you make an informed decision.

Joining up will cost you nothing. SurveyCompare is completely free! You are also free to do as few or many of the surveys that we offer you according to your lifestyle. This could be as often as five times every month that you continue to participate.


Your rewards will depend on the survey firm concerned. We are just a connecting agency and this is outside of our control. Some companies may pay as much as R65 and more per survey that takes just fifteen minutes.

Others may reward you with points redeemable for cash, gift vouchers, and entries into competitions. Make sure you research these details before you do a survey, remembering you may have to complete several to reach the pay-out threshold.

While gift certificates and vouchers are sent to your post box, cash payments go to PayPal. Opening an account with PayPal is dead easy, and it is free too like everything else on SurveyCompare.

Take Care Online

Of course, you do need to be careful when doing anything online, and we are not saying all survey websites are as safe or honest as we are. In our case, we are a genuine business with offices in North London in the United Kingdom.

Check out what people say about us on independent review sites. Unless they are being malicious, chances are they will say we provide a valuable service that they really enjoy using.

One thing we definitely are not is a phishing company collecting email addresses and other details and selling them to third parties. Real people personally check out the survey companies we list here.

When comparing us with similar websites, it may be worthwhile seeing how they check out. We have heard that some are definitely below the bar.

Work From Anywhere

The really neat thing about SurveyCompare is that you can help with market research any time you want. You can even be sitting on your bed in your pyjamas and chewing liquorice.

You can also take surveys at any time of day and night whenever you are in the mood.

The only thing you need is a device connected to the internet that has a browser page. Internet dongles enable you compare surveys and participate anywhere you can connect. If there is Wi-Fi on Table Mountain or in Kruger Park you could take them there too!

In conclusion, SurveyCompare presents great free opportunities to have fun while you accumulate a little of what does you good. The service is as open-ended as you want to make it. Just please do not expect to be an instant millionaire.

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