Quick Ways to Make Money for Stay at Home Parents

Working from home can be a challenge for stay at home parents as there are many competing demands on their time. One of the first steps in being able to earn extra money from home is to schedule points in your day to focus on earning extra money. When that time is doesn't matter. It can be when the children have gone to bed, before they get up or at some other time. The important fact is you schedule the time. Even if you can only set aside 20 minutes, you will still be able to earn some money in that period and once it is set aside you will be much more likely commit to completing the task.

Mother with children

Tools for Organising Your Time

How you set a schedule is up to you, some people prefer wall calendars, others diaries on their phones or to do list apps. The advantage of online lists is they do not create additional clutter in your house. Once you have set yourself a schedule, cross it off when you have completed the work as this will give you a real sense of accomplishment and help you to keep up with additional earnings. Once you have completed a task 28 times it becomes a habit and from that point it will be something you are more likely to continue doing.

Online Surveys Can Add a Little Bit Extra

One of the quickest ways to earn money from home is by completing online surveys. Each survey can take anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes to complete and earn you from 50p to £1 each time. Surveys can be completed at any time of day when you have some spare time. To access online surveys you need to register with survey sites including Global Test Market, My Survey UK, Toluna or Vivatic. You do not need any special skills to complete these surveys. Simply wanting to share your opinions is enough. Registering for surveys will always be free and you are able to register with as many sites as you like. Depending on the sites, you have to reach a certain payment threshold before you can collect your earnings, and these thresholds vary between £3 and £25.

Sell Your Unwanted Goods Online

Sites such as eBay are a great way for parents to get rid of unwanted clutter in their homes, particularly toys and clothes your children have grown out of. Once you have registered, it is very quick to list items for sale online and once the sale is over you just have to post items to winning bidders. It's a good idea to look out for free listing weekends when you can sell your items without having to pay any fees to eBay.

Have you Thought About Freelancing From Home?

There are a number of sites such as Elancer, Odesk and People Per Hour which offer the chance to do freelance work from home. The great benefit of these sites is that you choose exactly which jobs you want to bid for. This means if you know you are short of time you can bid for small jobs, or those which have a deadline a while in the future allowing you to complete a small amount each day. To access the jobs available, you must register with the site but you are only charged for those jobs which you successfully bid on.

Running Parties at Home

Home selling parties are no longer limited to the traditional Tupperware parties, but include a wide range of high quality cookware, children's goods and beauty products. There is no preparation required once you have registered with the company - you simply purchase some goods and when you sell them on you keep a percentage of the profits. The events can be run at your home and everything you need is supplied, including information on how to run successful events by the company who provides the goods.

Make Your Hobby a Business

If you already spend time at home pursuing a hobby, think about whether you can make it earn money for you by setting up a business. Popular examples include selling crafts you make on online malls such as Etsy, cake baking or sewing. If you sell your goods on a site such as Etsy there are no set up issues to consider. You simply register with the site and start selling your goods online through their website.