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askGFK have a very simple points system that allows you to receive rewards quickly and easily. Their newly launched website promises a streamlined experience too. They have been operating for an astounding eighty years making them one of the first consumer analysis companies in the world. Operating on a single motto the founder simply wanted to ensure that the consumer was heard.

Benefits in Bitesize

  • Payment per survey: Every point is worth a penny, easy to collect (100 points = £1)
  • Payment options: Pays in high-street vouchers and prize draws
  • Minimum payout: £15
  • Survey length: Takes 10-20 minutes to complete
  • Referral bonus: None
  • Age limit: 16+

How to Get Started Today

It’s easy to sign up to GFK you can sign up through the website and start receiving surveys almost straightaway. You’ll be asked a series of questions about your household and lifestyle so GFK can target you specifically with their surveys. They claim it takes just a couple of minutes to complete the online registration.

As with all surveys the more questions you answer the more chance you have of receiving surveys that take your interest. This also ensures you maximise your choice of receiving rewards. Although many give a choice whether you complete a survey or not, it’s less time consuming and of course more profitable if you receive surveys you want to complete.
Click on the Sign-up button below to get started now, the sooner you register the sooner you’ll receive surveys that bring you rewards.

How You’re Paid

The panel currently has 5,000 participants and each time you complete a survey you receive a ticket to go into the monthly prize draw. Panellists must receive 10 tickets from the TV survey, or 5 tickets from the radio survey, to be entered to the draw. Any tickets that you gain after this will give you an additional entry to the monthly draw.

Prizes come in the form of vouchers for a wide choice of online and in-store retailers, with values ranging from £2 to £1,000. Successful panellists are emailed with a voucher code which can then be redeemed via the GFK website. GFK work with many brands so finding ways to spend points is ever a problem.

As GFK provide analytics for over 100 different markets, when signing up to surveys you’re always guaranteed diversity. This makes the surveys rich and interesting while ensuring you always find a survey that you’re happy to complete.

Who are askGFK?

GFK NOP, GFK National Opinion Polls or AskGFK, is a market research company based in London. The company was founded in 2005 when two companies, NOP World and German company, GFK merged. GFK NOP runs different panels which aim to create an understanding of consumer behaviour. The company also employs mystery shoppers to help assess the level of customer service and product knowledge within the food and retail industries. If you are a regular shopper it could be worthwhile looking into the mystery shopping.

The most intriguing fact about GFK is that they were founded in 1934 by Professor Wilhelm Vershofen who had one simple mission in mind- to make the consumer heard. It’s incredible to think that even that far back companies were collecting data and understanding the power of the consumer opinion.

Now almost 80 years old GFK has lots of branches and forms a major part of consumer analysis for many big brands across the entire world.

+ Security and Spam

ASKGFK promise to keep all of your information safe. They will send emails with information they believe you may find relevant such as extra incentives or news about mystery shopping. As they also run opportunities for media you could receive notifications about upcoming programs they would like you to watch.

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