Weekend Job Ideas

Why Work Weekends?

There are a number of reasons why a person would choose to look for a weekend job. Some may like the flexibility of being free on weekdays, perhaps due to family commitments. For others, it may an issue of childcare, with working couples wishing to rotate childcare arrangements to save on costs. Students may need to work at weekends to fund the cost of fees or gain additional income, and there may be some people who need more than one job and so feel obliged to find weekend work. Still, whatever the reason for looking for weekend work, there is a wide variety of weekend working opportunities available, including work both inside and outside the home.

Part time working student

How to Search for a Weekend Job

Many people will start job hunting with an internet search and this can be done in a variety of ways. For example, someone who is already trained or has experience may look for a specific role. In this instance, looking at an industry specific website (e.g. a retailer or organisation) would be a good place to start. Online job agencies are also a useful resource, both those devoted to a particular area (such as jobs in health or the hotel trade), and those which advertise a range of jobs. National or local newspapers provide another option. One can buy the hard copy, or alternatively, many newspapers are now available in an online version. Local job search options might also include adverts displayed on local noticeboards or in shop windows.

Working Outside the Home

If one is able to work outside the home, there are many options. Many retailers offer weekend work (e.g. Tesco or Boots), and this option has the advantage of being employed by an established company, with all the safeguards and benefits this provides. These companies usually offer a defined salary structure. Benefits could include a training scheme and staff discounts (e.g. reduced price gym membership) or a profit sharing scheme. There is also a wide range of other options for those with experience including care workers (both in residential settings and working in individuals' homes), lorry driving, jobs in the hotel trade (e.g. cooks, domiciliary staff) and hairdressing. For someone who is qualified or has relevant experience, these roles can offer a flexible option for weekend working.

However, if one does not have qualifications or experience, there are still a number of opportunities available. For example, delivering items such as catalogues or leaflets, can be a useful way to earn some money. Another option is to consider selling. There are many companies which enable selling, either to family members or on a door to door or party plan basis. The great advantage of these is that one can arrange one's own working hours. Companies such as Betterware or Kleeneze operate very largely by home selling (although they may also have a online shop). Workers typically take orders by catalogue, arrange for delivery of the orders from the company, deliver the orders to their clients and keep a percentage of the money paid.

However, there are possible difficulties involved with working for this kind of company. For example, Betterware is free to join, but there is a minimum commitment of around 10-12 hours per week required, which may be difficult to fit into a weekend. Kleeneze has a range of start up options; the basic option, with limited resources is free, but costs for options with more resources range from about £50 to £95.

Another option is to consider selling through the 'party' model - hosting or arranging a party to sell items such as cosmetics, cookware or clothing. Examples of companies offering this include Body Shop at Home and Pampered Chef.

Working from Home

However, for some, a weekend job working from home is the only option, but there are still many different opportunities available. One of the most popular ways is to earn money online from completing surveys or market research. There are many companies offering this type of work (e.g. Gratis, Valued Opinions and Global Test Market). Signing up is free, and rewards include cash payment (perhaps by cheque or via Paypal), vouchers for companies such as Amazon or iTunes, or popular High Street retailers as well as entries into prize draws.

The amount which can be earned from this is limited due to the fact that market research is often aimed at specific client groups, and being 'screened out' of surveys happens quite frequently. It is also important to remember that any income earned, whether in cash or in vouchers, is subject to income tax.

Job opportunities can also be seen for things such as filling envelopes, but it's essential to take great care when accepting jobs of this nature. Often the hours needed to complete the task are considerable, making the amount earned very small when compared with the time spent. This is also an area in which unscrupulous operators work, often demanding upfront fees. It is important to check the company's credentials carefully before making any such payments to avoid being scammed.

Of course, it is also possible to earn money by direct selling online. For example, one can sell items through an online site such as eBay, although if items are bought with the specific purpose of selling them on, income tax is payable. There are also sites which offer the opportunity for people to sell items they have made (e.g. handmade craft items).

Etsy (an American-based site) and Folksy (the UK equivalent) are both becoming increasingly popular as a way to earn money, and like other home working options, have the advantage of enabling one to work very flexible hours. Direct selling sites usually charge a fee to list an item for sale, and then a percentage of the selling price.

These are just a few of the many job opportunities open to those who are looking for weekend work. Whatever the circumstances, it is possible to earn money at the weekend, either by taking on a more traditional job working for a company, or finding independent ways to work.