Review of IPSOS Market Research

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Prize Draws

Operating in over 22 countries IPSOS is a widely respected information gathering resource for retailers. They need your opinion in order to serve their clients better. Millions of surveys are completed every year and IPSOS regularly roll out extra incentives to retain your interest. Acting on their own research they understand what motivates you to complete surveys and share your opinion and so they have strategies in place to make you feel like a valued member of the team.

Benefits in Bitesize

  • Payment per survey: 5 to 250 points
  • Payment options: Pays in High Street vouchers or Facebook credits
  • Minimum payout: 1380 points = £10
  • Survey length: Takes 15-20 minutes to complete
  • Referral bonus: None
  • Age limit: 16+
  • Other Bonuses: Prize draws on an ascending scale according to your status

How to Get Started Today

It takes just five minutes to register. You can sign up online and you will be asked questions about your personality and lifestyle. This is so you receive relevant surveys that you feel are a joy to complete.

Click here to get started now, the sooner you register the sooner you can start earning loyalty status and then VIP status. Once you reach the top you’ll find that the rewards are increased along with the ability to be entered into prize draws.

How You’re Paid

For every survey, you complete with IPSOS, they will credit your account with a number of points, even if you are screened out of a survey after the initial questions. The number of points varies between five and two hundred and fifty, depending on the length of the survey. Surveys are usually completed online, although you can choose to take part in text message surveys too. Once you have earned a certain number of points (1380) they can be exchanged for vouchers to use at following shops:

  • John Lewis
  • Amazon
  • Compliments Vouchers

If you prefer, you can exchange your points for a donation to charity, or even for Facebook credits.


+ Loyalty Bonuses

As if tapping into their own customer analysis IPSOS understand the value of retaining customer loyalty. They want to keep you interested, they want you to return and they offer many incentives that make you feel like a valued part of their community online.

You are recognised as a loyal panellist the more surveys you take, you don’t have to do a thing as IPSOS promise to keep a track of all your activity and your points and will upgrade you as soon as you reach the loyalty target. IPSOS don’t stop there though, if you’ve a passion for rising to the top then IPSOS is the one for you as not only are loyal panellists are rewarded by IPSOS, so if you regularly complete surveys you can earn bonus points, their most consistent panellists are entered into the VIP program which offers further rewards.

+ VIP Rewards

All you have to do is complete five surveys in a row in one quarter to become a VIP. IPSOS automatically update your status so you don’t have to do anything.

As soon as you sign up you are entered into a prize draw to win £850 in shopping vouchers. There are thirty winners every four months.

  • There are also quarterly draws where you can win up to 5000 points.
  • You can refer a friend to receive extra credits.

IPSOS are constantly rolling out incentives to keep you answering questions and feeding back your opinions that change the way their client’s products evolve. The reward system is favoured by many as it doesn’t take long at all to reach VIP status and it’s quite a nice title to have.

Who are IPSOS?

IPSOS has been performing market and social research for over thirty five years, and it is one of the largest research companies in the world. IPSOS carries out research on products and issues for over five thousand clients. They operate in over eighty countries worldwide and their members complete over six million surveys per year.

+ Security and Spam

IPSOS is very strict about your security and will never pass on your details to a third party. Along with the surveys and questionnaires they may send emails to let you know of news and developments. The website has recently undergone a lot of change to improve the user experience and to benefit the panellists.