How Will You Spend Your Paid Survey Earnings?

Whatever your reasons for taking paid surveys, the question of how to spend your earnings can be quite exciting. You might choose to use cash payouts to help with your household bills and spend your vouchers on birthday or Christmas gifts. Or you might prefer to put your cash earnings towards a holiday and buy a whole new wardrobe with a year's worth of vouchers. Either way, you can have fun planning your goals and you never know where your survey earnings may take you over time.


Struggling to Afford Life's Simple Pleasures?

Think of your paid survey earnings as spending money, or extra money that isn't destined for the day to day living expenses. The cash you make from taking surveys could provide a top up to your household income to help you afford the things you want, but would struggle to buy otherwise. Don't focus so hard on the cash that you forget about vouchers; High Street vouchers make great standbys at times like Christmas, or when there's a bunch of birthdays all at once. But before you make any decisions, the following suggestions will give you some ideas as to how you can spend your cash and vouchers - and how to make the best choices on your cashing out options.

Short Term Boosts

Whether it's the cable or satellite TV subscription that you just can't live without, or your household's finances can't stretch to a family meal out, your cash earnings from taking paid surveys could help to cover such extras as:

1. Running a pay as you go mobile phone - owning one will increase your survey opportunities.
2. Buying fuel for a day trip.
3. Taking the kids to the cinema - and buying popcorn!


1. Vouchers you can use towards a big monthly shop - it can really pay to buy in bulk, and doing a monthly shop could save you a lot of money over the course of a year.

2. E- vouchers for buying books, CDs, video games or even DVDs to keep the kids entertained in the holidays.

3. Vouchers for money off entry fees to theme parks - a great alternative to a family holiday, if you really can't afford one.

Playing The Long Game

If you've set your goals a little higher, then taking the cash option where possible could help you with some of the following options for spending your survey earnings:

1. Materials for redecorating a room in your house - paint, wallpaper and other equipment, as well as new soft furnishings, and even furniture.

2. Money towards running and maintaining a car - if you're thinking of giving up the car, think again about how you can use your survey earnings to help you with the cost.

3. Helping towards the cost of a holiday - it doesn't have to be a luxury holiday to be a fantastic break, but you'd be surprised how far an extra £50 or £100 could go when looking for a family holiday.

4. Help with the cost of a college course - take that course you've always wanted to, but could never afford.

5. A new computer, laptop or tablet - every household loves their gadgets, but they don't come cheap. Maybe you've always wanted an e-reader or a personal music player just for yourself or even a new TV or home theatre system - create your own cinema experience in your living room, and cut out travel costs in the process.

6. Help towards buying a large appliance for home, i.e. washing machine, fridge-freezer. The average household needs to replace these items every 3-4 years. Survey earnings can take some of the pain out of affording these essentials.

It's also worth remembering that without your TV, computer and internet connection, your chances of making any money from taking surveys is severely limited. So, if you're undecided, that new TV or laptop could prove quite an attractive option!

Maximise Your Earnings

Paying some attention to how you can make the most from each cashing out option could help you towards your goals that bit quicker. Holding out a little longer before cashing out may not seem like the best idea at the time, but check out the following hints and tips for exploring your options:

1. Check each panel's FAQs on cashing out. It might be more lucrative to double your points if it means you make a little more cash in the process. For example, if 1200 points could earn you £10, but 2000 points could earn you £20, then waiting to reach the 2000 point mark will earn you more, for less.

2. If there's no incentive to wait, cash out at the lowest threshold and don't wait around - cash in your hand is preferable to cash lying around doing nothing.

3. Tackle the higher paying surveys first. When you go through your list of email invitations to surveys, head straight for the higher paying surveys first to build your earnings faster.

4. Don't make the mistake of overlooking slow burning survey companies. You might only make a fraction of what you make with some other survey companies who offer more regular surveys, but it all adds up! A voucher every six months is better than one less voucher to count on.

However you choose to spend your paid survey earnings, it's a huge buzz to see the rewards mounting up; and the satisfaction you feel at being able to treat your family makes it even more worthwhile.