Making Money with Paid Surveys Case Study #6 - Carol

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Year 2013 we open with a new case study on making money with surveys, this time we spoke to freelance editor and occasional writer - Carol from Galashiels. Carol has rather big experience with different types of home based jobs and she is happy to share a secret or two on how to maximise your income.


How long have you been taking paid surveys?

• A year

Do you have any other jobs?

• I work from home as a freelance editor and (occasional) writer. I also do some mystery shopping and product testing.

How many different survey companies have you tried?

• At least a dozen - perhaps more.

Which survey companies do you like the most?

• Vivatic, mainly because it has other job opportunities. Toluna as it leads to product testing and the chance to take part in panels. Valued Opinions for their low payment threshold. My Survey for regular surveys. Global Test Market for its payment by cheque, well worth it when the points finally add up and surveys are pretty regular too. Honest Rewards are also good in this sense, but surveys are a little less frequent.

Do you do surveys every day?

• Most days, though sometimes I'm too busy with other work or family commitments.

How much time does it take to fill in surveys in order to earn something?

• I would say I'd have to spend an average of an hour a day, every day or the weekly equivalent for it to be worth my while, but even doing surveys with one company could earn a person about £10 a week. You have to remember that some of the surveys out there can be accessed through a number of companies and you can only complete them once.

On average - how many surveys you take during one week?

• Is there such a thing as an average week? This is a really hard question to answer, but generally speaking I find that on a daily basis I get to complete two or three without being screened out.

What do you usually earn – gift vouchers or cash?

• Both. I much prefer cash, but considering the choice of vouchers on offer, I've had no cause for complaint.

How do you choose to spend your earnings – cash or gift vouchers?

• Cash goes towards the household income which helps with bills, groceries etc. Vouchers I tend to spend on books and DVDs, though I've seen myself putting them towards furniture purchases too.

What is the value of your average earnings per month?

• From surveys alone, I'd average £10-£15, but I know I could increase this if I had to.

Carol's desk
Carol's desk

What's the most you've ever earned from a single survey?

• £20 if my memory serves me correctly, though this was by way of a panel. Easy money, really, when all you have to do is provide your opinion.

Do you think it would be possible to earn more money with paid surveys and how?

• Yes, by putting in a great deal of time and responding as soon as the email invitations arrive.

Have you had a bad experience with any of the companies?

• Not as yet, though Toluna, for all it's good in other ways, does take around a month to process an online voucher when other companies do this instantly.

What is your top tip for taking surveys?

• Keep at it and be as detailed and honest in your responses as you can. I get the impression that you're more likely to be invited to the higher paying panels this way.

Have you tried any other home-based jobs?

• Yes, writing articles and editing. I also do some mystery shopping and product testing. Years ago I was also a sales rep for both Avon and Betterware.

What's the best question you've ever been asked in a paid survey?

• That would have to be something psychological. One really great survey I took was like a personality test which provided me with a mind map at the end. Most revealing!

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