Making Money with Paid Surveys Case Study #7 - Adam

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This time we've gathered tips and advice on paid surveys from 25 year old Adam, who works as a System Analyst in West Midlands and does paid surveys and some other online jobs in his free time. We think he breaks all the stereotypes about a typical survey taker. Find out which survey companies Adam prefers and what he has to say about his 3 year experience.


How long have you been taking paid surveys?

• Around 3 years

Do you have any other jobs?

• Yes, I am currently a systems analyst

How many different survey companies have you tried?

• Around 8

Which survey companies do you like the most?

• Valued Opinons, MySurvey, Vivatic and Opinion World

Why do you like this or these specific survey companies the most - in what way this company is better than others?

• Valued Opinions always offer a constant stream of surveys, which allow you to express your opinion. This is very much true of Opinion World and MySurvey too.

I like Vivatic as there are many different ways to earn cash - not just by completing surveys.

Do you do surveys every day?

• Yes

How much time does it take to fill in surveys in order to earn something?

• Average survey, I would say around 15 minutes. On an average day, maybe 30-45 mins of your time.

On average - how many surveys you take during one week?

• Between 15-20

What do you usually earn – gift vouchers or cash?

• Cash (paid via Paypal)

How do you choose to spend your earnings – cash or gift vouchers?

• Cash

What is the value of your average earnings per month?

• I would say anywhere between £30-40 per month

Adam's desk
Adam's desk

What's the most you've ever earned from a single survey?

• £40 - which was an on-line focus group spanning over two weeks regarding mobile technology

Do you think it would be possible to earn more money with paid surveys and how?

• By having a good survey compare site, to offer surveys with the best rewards

Have you had a bad experience with any of the companies?

• Paid Offer - this company does not offer rewards (unless you pay!)

What is your top tip for taking surveys?

• Be truthful and open when taking them.

Have you tried any other home-based jobs?

• No

What's the best question you've ever been asked in a paid survey?

• "If David Cameron knocked on your door, what issue would you raise with him"