Make Extra Income by Joining Jamie at Home

Up Your Income by Joining Jamie at Home

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There aren't many people in the UK who would say no to an opportunity to earn some extra cash for doing something fun and something different, especially given the current state of the economy. Unfortunately, most people are put off the idea of supplementing their income by the huge number of online scams doing the rounds. How can you tell a legitimate opportunity from a dodgy setup?

One very easy way is to work for a well known and well respected brand such as Jamie Oliver, for example. Popular celebrity chef, Jamie owns Jamie at Home, a legitimate work from home opportunity that gives people a way not only to add a bit extra to their paychecks each month, but also to earn a full time income. There are currently around 4000 consultants working for the company - and they're always on the lookout for more.

What is Jamie at Home?

Established in 2009, Jamie at Home is a party business aimed primarily at women looking to socialise, have fun with friends and pick up a few new bits and bobs for the house. Working for Jamie at Home as a consultant involves selling items from the Jme collection to local women in your area. The Jme collection is a range items designed for the kitchen, home and garden.

How Does it Work?

The concept is quite simple; local groups and individuals book parties through Jamie at Home, where a consultant will travel to a personal residence or hired hall for example, bringing with them a range of products from the Jme collection and a DVD that showcases many more of the items on offer. The consultant demonstrates how the products are used, letting the party try them out and allowing them to get a feel for them; something that isn't possible when viewing items online or in a catalogue.

Jamie at Home products

For all orders made, Jamie at Home give a percentage of the order total to the consultant. This ranges from 20% to 39% depending on circumstances. It's a great way to earn some cash, make some friends and have some fun.

Getting Started

It couldn't be any easier to start work as a Jamie at Home consultant. Either register your interest over the phone or via the website and you'll be sent all the details you need to get started. Once you've decided that the job is right for you, and completed your application form, you'll be asked for a one off payment of £120 (although keep a lookout for special joining offers which offer reduced price membership).

The initial payout is perhaps the only downside to Jamie at Home, but rest assured you'll cover that charge within your first few parties. Jamie at Home will send you a starter kit consisting of over £400 worth of Jme products to show off at your parties. Unlike many other party businesses, Jamie at Home do not charge for this starter pack. Consultants can purchase additional products to add to their collection at discounted prices from the Jamie at Home website too.

Who's it Good For?

Jamie at Home is particularly suited to those who already have a full time job and need to supplement their income with a bit of evening and weekend work, or for stay at home parents who look after their children during the day but still wish to contribute financially to the household.

No experience is necessary but sales skills can be a big help, as can a fun loving and friendly attitude. Making a connection with your party host can lead to repeat work and being sociable can greatly improve sales figures (and, therefore, commission!)

What Can I Earn?

The average party generates £250 worth of sales, leaving you with £50 in your pocket. Work just one party per week, and there's £200 per month. If your parties are generating more than £1000 of sales per month, you can expect your commission rate to increase from 20% to 22%, to 24% for monthly sales over £1500, and to 26% for anything over £2000. At two parties per week, you could be bringing in over £500 every month.

Of course, there are ways to increase this even further. By becoming a manager, you'll continue working parties while also leading a team of other local consultants. There's obviously more work involved with this as you'll need to train new recruits and provide ongoing support and assistance, but managers can expect a 39% commission from their own sales, plus 10% from all sales from their team members.

Promote Yourself

Generating a steady income from Jamie at Home is all about marketing your business and getting word of your services out there. It's your responsibility to make sure people in your area know you exist. There are a number of ways to do this.

Using social media can be a big help. Retweeting important information from Jamie at Home is a good way of letting your friends know what you do, and the Jamie at Home Facebook page allows you to create your own fan page for your services and spread the word.

Consider signing up for the Jamie at Home newsletter service. There's a small charge for this, around £2.50 per month, but it's one of the best opportunities for marketing yourself. People in your area who request information will be sent the standard monthly newsletters, customised with your details.

Perhaps the absolute best way is to sign up for a Jamie at Home website. This costs just £10 per year and allows your clients to buy products from you online. You'll get to keep 100% of the sales and it's great for maintaining good relationships with clients.