Making Money with Paid Surveys Case Study #5 - Emma

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Emma from Oxford shares her ups and downs of taking online surveys, find out how much time she spend on taking them and what advice she has for other survey takers:

Emma, Oxford

How long have you been taking paid surveys?

• 5 years

Do you have any other jobs?

• Part time admin assistant

How many different survey companies have you tried?

• 23

Which survey companies do you like the most?

• Vivatic
• Pureprofile
• Toluna

Why do you like this or these specific survey companies the most - in what way this company is better than others?

• Best offer of surveys and good incentives

Do you do surveys every day?

• Most days

How much time does it take to fill in surveys in order to earn something?

• It varies, if you qualify for the surveys it can take 15 minutes to earn about £2.50.
With some companies like Toluna you earn points for each survey and when you build your points up you can swap them for vouchers

On average - how many surveys you take during one week?

• 25 to 30

What do you usually earn – gift vouchers or cash?

• Both but cash mainly

How do you choose to spend your earnings – cash or gift vouchers?

• Cash from most survey companies.
• Gift vouchers from Toluna (these are great for getting Christmas and birthday presents for people)

What is the value of your average earnings per month?

• From £5 to £30 depends on how many I qualify for

What's the most you've ever earned from a single survey?

• £5

Do you think it would be possible to earn more money with paid surveys and how?

• No. Because a lot of surveys you fill in for about 5 minutes and then they say you didn't qualify, you don't earn anything.

Have you had a bad experience with any of the companies?

• No

What is your top tip for taking surveys?

• Take as many surveys as you can to build your money up

Have you tried any other home-based jobs?

• Avon, but you don't get much back

What's the best question you've ever been asked in a paid survey?

• I don't really have one

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