Are Paid Surveys for You?

Everyone Can Do It... Or Can They?

Paid surveys are fast becoming one of the best home working opportunities available. They're reliable, they're simple, they're flexible and they offer some great rewards ranging from shopping vouchers to real cash. Paid surveys are ideal for many people, but there are of course some considerations to take into account when deciding if this method of working from home is right for you.

Answering survey

Anyone considering online paid surveys as a work from home opportunity should:

1. Have A Passion For Brand Involvement

If you've got a desire to have your opinions heard, then this is the job for you. Companies really are influenced by the thoughts and ideas of their survey takers, and value those who use their initiative to come up with unique suggestions as to how they can help to better their products or promote their brand. Surveys typically last anything from 5 to 45 minutes, so if you have little interest in being a major commercial influencer, then you could find surveys, particularly longer surveys, to be a waste not only of your time but of the brand's time, too.

2. Be Honest

Many surveys available online focus on products for some of the biggest brands in the world, everything from food and drink manufacturers to electronics and technology giants. It's their name they're putting on the line, and they expect their survey takers to respond to their questions and other stimuli in an honest manner. Bending the truth regarding your specific demographic group may seem like a harmless way to access a greater quantity of surveys, but it's actually very detrimental to brands who rely on their surveys reaching their targets audiences.

3. Value Neutrality

Not everyone has had 100% great experiences with brands in their lifetime, and whether you've purchased a faulty item, been disappointed with a consumable or heard complaints about a brand through social media, chances are you have preconceived ideas regarding certain companies. If you tend to hold a grudge, paid surveys may not be for you. Unless specifically asked about past experiences or how a brand is perceived is social situations, surveys should be completed without any outside influences which could reduce result credibility.

4. Allocate Adequate Time

Paid surveys may be flexible, and are ideal for those with other work or family commitments, but they do require enough quiet, uninterrupted time to be able to complete them thoroughly. Those on the go constantly may find those 5 - 45 minutes somewhat hard to find, although this work from home opportunity could be ideal for those with a standard 9-5 job, or stay at home parents who have a spare hour during nap times or after the little ones go to bed. Rushing surveys is likely to produce inaccurate results due to misread questions or mistaken answers.

5. Understand The Role Of Technology

Technology is everywhere and it's the preferred method for gaining consumer opinions these days, with a steady decline in traditional focus groups. A familiarity of the internet and an enjoyment of surfing the web is going to be a huge bonus. In addition, having the right software installed on your PC (such as video playing software) or knowing how to install such software, will make you eligible to take part in a greater number, and wider variety, of online surveys.

Other Avenues

If you're perhaps thinking that maybe paid surveys aren't right for you, that doesn't mean there aren't other work from home opportunities that would suit your particular personality. If you're naturally persuasive or a bit of a chatterbox, check out call centre jobs that can be done from your own home with just a PC, headset and good telephone manner. On the other hand, if you're not really one for talking, but still have a way with words, consider writing web content. You could either find some paid guest blogging opportunities or use freelance websites to find vacancies. Outgoing types could give sales parties a try, while more reserved types could track down some virtual assistant administration work for companies who need an extra hand.

There are endless work from home opportunities available, but the most important thing is not to get caught up in a scam. Steer clear of any employers who request payment from you or who require too much personal information, such as credit card numbers. Although opportunities from abroad may be legitimate, you may wish to limit your search to the UK to eliminate the risk of any international payment problems.