Product Testing from Home

The Need for Product Testing

More than ever, manufacturers and businesses are eager to know what their target market thinks and feels about the products and services they provide. Word of mouth has evolved in the last few years, and it's easier for manufacturers and businesses to learn about their consumers than ever before. Furthermore, the internet has become a platform for consumers to find their strongest voice ever, and product testers have therefore become pivotal to the launch of new products and services, as well as in addressing areas where changes could potentially be made. Significant improvements are borne out of well tested products, so the more voices (and angles) that manufacturers can collect and use, the better the end product.

Are any Particular Skills Required for Product Testing?

Product testing requires a keen sense of observation and some basic study skills - most people are equipped with and use these skills on a daily basis. For example, if you buy a new shampoo and the result you get from that shampoo is better than the previous shampoo you were using, you have made a comparison between the two products simply by noticing that one is superior to the other. If you can articulate the difference between the two products fairly well, and offer examples of what you think are the superior points of note in each product, then you're well equipped to becoming a skilled product tester. Moreover, as you progress in your work as a tester, you will develop your creative skills in writing reviews of a high standard - the more you expand on your findings, the better!

What are the Rewards for Product Testing?

Product testing can take several forms, and your most likely introduction to product testing will be via a survey panel when you will be asked to trial or test a product for a specified period before answering some further questions about it. The categories vary and products can often be foodstuffs, personal care items, pet foods, and other similar types of product. Payment for this type of product testing also varies, and will be relayed to you at the time of taking the survey. The reward is usually between £5 and £30 for each product you test, but this depends on the individual test you complete. It's worth bearing in mind that in most cases you will receive full size packs/bottles/boxes of the product to be tested, and this is often a reward in itself. If you are keen to go down this route of product testing, seek out survey panels specifically offering product testing - you might just be surprised at what's on offer.

Another form of product testing could be through a product testing website. This type of site will not offer surveys. By simply signing up to a product testing website, you could be testing all sorts of products from the comfort of your own home, and providing excellent ideas and perspectives on how you feel the product performs, and how it could be improved. An internet search will provide you with a good basis from which to explore the various sites in operation, some of which specialise in electronics, gadgets for the home, and a number of other items all waiting for your valuable input. The payments will vary from site to site and will depend on the type of product you test as well as the extent to which you need to provide your review, but you could be earning as much as £50 per review, and maybe more in some cases.

Finding the Right Websites to Sign Up With

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous websites in every area of business - and product testing is no exception. But how do you recognise the scams from the truly good sites? Indeed, there are plenty of scam sites out there, particularly when it comes to expensive technological gadgets. It may sound wonderfully exciting to be asked to test the latest smartphone or tablet, but you might find that on signing up to test and review the product, you have to buy some piece of equipment or a guide/book to assist you in your testing. No legitimate product testing panel will ever ask you to buy anything up front - so stick to the panels who really do offer the product to you for free.

Little Bits of Treasure!

Product testing can be very stimulating, not only because you feel your input is valued and vital to the success of the product, but also because you are developing good writing skills by providing well detailed reviews of the products, and this will help to build confidence in your abilities to write longer and more in depth reviews for all sorts of businesses, products, websites and services. Home workers really value product testing for a number of reasons, and you could too.