Review of UK based Freebie Companies

What is Product Testing?

There are a number of websites that offer free product testing, and in order to take part, you will need to sign up online. You will then receive products from different companies who are looking for people to record their experiences and provide an accurate evaluation. All information received by the company is then analysed and used to make changes to improve the product. The vast majority of the products sent to you for testing can be retained after you have left feedback on the company's website. There are also a wide range of products that manufacturers need to have tested. These range from:

  • Foodstuffs
  • Laundry detergents
  • Cleaning products
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioners
  • Cosmetics
  • Deodorants

Some trials even involve electronic devices such as headphones or mobile phones. There are no costs involved with joining a genuine site and any sites that ask for an initial payment should always be avoided.

Supermarket Testing Sites

Tesco Home Panels has been set up to allow its customers the chance to try Tesco products at home and then provide feedback which will help the company improve the item where necessary. Members of the panel are requested to test products and complete surveys intermittently throughout the year. Surveys are carried out online by means of a questionnaire and test products are sent direct to your home.

Once you have tested the item, it is then yours to keep as long as you complete the relevant online survey. Tesco may request that the product is returned to them if any fault or damage is identified during the time of testing. If this is necessary, then it is normal for all postage costs to be reimbursed. It is also necessary to ensure that anyone who tests the product is not allergic to any of the contents and therefore it is vital for product testers to read the item label and any other instructions provided. As there are a large number of panel members, it is usual to experience a waiting time between trials. A number of other supermarkets such as Waitrose also have panels of item testers to help them improve the products they offer to their customers.

Internet Testing Sites

There are some online sites that offer you the chance to sign up to their testing panels free of charge. Toluna is one such company who, as well as offering the chance to test products, also sends regular surveys some of which which may involve product tests. If you are not chosen to test products on a regular basis, you are still given the opportunity to earn points for each questionnaire you complete which can then be accumulated and redeemed for vouchers which can be spent online or at many High Street shops.

BzzAgent is another of the better product testing sites available within the United Kingdom. There is no charge for registering and the first surveys can be completed within five to ten minutes. This site gives members the opportunity to apply to test products which fit with their individual interests and preferences. Once the product testing is underway, you can share your opinions by taking part in on and offline conversations with people you know. Details of those conversations are then provided to assist companies in the improvement of their product. This site holds its members' personal data in a confidential manner and uses it only to ensure that it matches them to relevant test items.

How Boots Tests its New Products

Boots has its own panel for testing products which it has run for several years. The company holds many new product trials and sends its members samples which are based on that member's lifestyle. Members of the panel will get better products to test over time as their reputation is built up. Product test items include new cosmetics, skincare and toiletries which are tested to ensure that they meet certain standards before being put on general sale. These tests are only carried out on healthy members of the public who then complete questionnaires on the products they have tested.

Before members start to use an item, it is necessary for them to read the directions for use together with any warnings. Members are also only allowed to use one product at a time on any part of the body, so should they experience any allergic reaction, it is easy to determine which product has caused it. Boots do not guarantee samples to its members, but allocate them on a first come, first served basis. They often run online studies on topics such as moisturisation, sun protection and dental care. These studies are only visible to members who meet the correct criteria (e.g. the required skin type) for the test and those who have the necessary medical clearance.