Free Sample of Product Testing Resume

Writing a resume is one of the hardest components of the whole process of applying for jobs. The best resumes are expected to be short and concise yet contain a wealth of information about your skills and experience. In this article we will concentrate on what applicants for product testing jobs should be including in their resume. We will also provide a sample resume which can be used as a template for such roles.

Make it Relevant

Perhaps the most important aspect of writing a resume is to make it relevant to the position you are applying for. Product testers need strong analytical and problem solving skills so your resume needs to show you have these abilities and have used them in the working world. Do not waste space on information that does not show you to be the best person for the role. Remember resumes should never be longer than 2 sides of A4. Being too personal, for example including your hobbies, is outdated in the world of resume writing. The only exception to this is if your hobby is directly relevant to the post you are applying for. Ensure everything you write is in some way linked to the product testing role for which you are applying.

Follow the Job Specification

Do not just write one resume for every product testing job that you apply for, but change it for every different position. Study each criterion in the job specification carefully and ensure that you answer each one in your resume. Employers have created the job specification for a reason and they will invite candidates for interview if they can show they meet the vast majority of them. For example, an employer may ask for candidates with experience in electrical appliances. The successful candidates must demonstrate this in their resume explicitly. Applicants should not think they can mention these details at interview because without a strong resume they are unlike to be invited to one.

Market Yourself

The whole point of a resume is to market yourself as an ideal candidate for the position you are applying for. Many people shy away from self praise, but it is important that you appear confident in your resume. Use phrases such as expert knowledge rather than sound or good knowledge. Indeed, avoid words like good, keen or sound as they tend to suggest averageness. Obviously, do not make up skills or experience that you do not have but there is no reason why you cannot present what you do have in the best possible light. Employers react well to confidence and the first place you can show confidence is in a resume.

Work Experience

The vast majority of product testing jobs will ask for some experience in a similar role. This is where you need to ensure that your resume stands out. Under the relevant job titles, exhaustively list the skills and experience you have gained in this employment. Try to think of specific examples where you, as an individual or as part of a team, have helped developed a project or idea that benefited the company. Detail how you did this and exactly what the business gained from it. For example, if you suggested an improvement to a product which then went on the sell well, name the improvement and the related sales figures. At the end of the day, businesses want candidates who can improve the business and make it more profitable. It is, therefore, vital that you show that you have done just that in the past.


Personal details
Your name, address, email and telephone numbers.

Personal Profile

Write a short introduction of yourself in the form of a personal profile. Keep it to around 100 words. Mention your experience as a product tester without going into specifics. Talk about the skills you have that are relevant to the post you as applying for. This will be the first thing your prospective employer will read so ensure it stands out. Do not write in the first person.

Employment History

List your most recent employment
Write your job title in bold, followed by the company, followed by the dates of your employment.

Describe briefly what your role was and concentrate on adding things that match the job description you applied for. Think of positive attributes that you brought to the company. Mention career progression. Hopefully, your most recent job will be a product testing role, but if it is completely unrelated, simply write a one word sentence on it. Go into the same detail as listed above about a previous job that is relevant to product testing. You must keep your employment history in chronological order. Do not list every job you have ever had if you have had more than 5. If this is the case, simply list the last 5 and write a summary for a maximum of three of them.

There is no need to enter salary or reasons for leaving. If the employer wishes to know this information they can ask you at interview.


Again this should be in chronological order with the most recent coming first. However, bold any qualifications that are mentioned in the job specification or are directly relevant to product testing. There is no need to go back further than the highest education certificate you have whether this be a degree, A levels or GCSE. There is also no need to date the qualifications in your resume.


Simply write 'References available on request'.