Examples of Market Research Jobs

To do a market research at home is one of the easiest ways to earn, or supplement an income, bringing with it the type of flexibility you wouldn't have in a job outside of the home. Many people from all walks of life and in all sorts of situations are reaping the benefits of undertaking market research tasks from the comfort of their own homes and enjoying the freedom this brings to their working lives.


If you need to be around for your children during the day, or you have other obligations and commitments that prevent you from taking a job with regular hours, then this type of work could be just what you're looking for - and with so many different options to choose from, you can rest assured that there will be something you can do that fits in with your lifestyle.

What are the Specific Requirements to Take On these Jobs?

As with any type of job, you will need to fulfill certain criteria in order to be considered - but these are skills that most people possess and use throughout the course of their every day activities. Generally speaking, a computer and a reliable internet connection form the basis of what's required to carry out a market research job from home. After that, a good grasp of the English language (including good grammar, spelling and punctuation) will stand you in good stead and help you find the best of the jobs available. It's advisable not to get too carried away with the notion that a market research job at home will require very little effort from you and allow you to take your time in carrying out your tasks - you will be required to complete tasks in a timely manner and discipline yourself as to how productive you are each day.

What Types of Job you can Expect to Do?

Online surveys:

One of the simplest ways to earn cash for market research is to take surveys online. Surveys can be accessed at times to suit you and can easily fit in with your day to day home and family oriented schedule. You could earn as much as £5 per survey - more if the survey leads to a discussion or focus group.

Product testing:

Manufacturers need the general public to test their new ideas for products and services regularly as it would hardly be cost effective to launch a product that nobody wants. Testing products at home is very popular and in high demand, and you could be testing anything from foodstuffs to cleaning products. The products you receive will be based on products you already use in your home, and you will be required to assess the product and feed back with the clearest possible picture on how the product performs. The payment you receive will vary with each product test, but it's worth remembering that you do receive free products which save you money on your shopping bill.

Answering queries and questions:

There can't be many regular jobs as easy as answering a few questions that help people make a decision about something. If you've got a mobile phone (and who hasn't these days?) you could receive questions by text which you then research on the internet, or answer from your own personal knowledge, and post your reply. The questions could be as simple as:

- 'Where are the best places to shop for a television?'
- 'Where can I find a good travel agent?'
- 'How do I research cosmetic surgery?'

Simply choose the questions you wish to provide an answer to and take it from there. Payment could be anything up to £10 for each task carried out.

Data entry:

There are numerous jobs available on the internet for data entry/data processing and form filling. These jobs can be easily performed in those quiet times during the day when the children are at school, or during the evenings when the house is quiet - whatever suits you. A degree of concentration is required in order to carry out the tasks diligently, but you will quickly get into a routine with this type of work. Payment will vary according to the type of data entry job you take on.

Writing product reviews online:

Since the birth of the internet, never before has word of mouth featured so highly in the minds of businesses who want to reach a wider audience. Posting online reviews has become the new word of mouth and constructive reviews are always in great demand. How many times have you found a new product that delivers beyond your expectations and you want to tell all your friends and family about it? By writing online reviews, you can not only reach a wider group of people than your family and friends, you could also earn money by posting it online - even as much as £10 per post. This type of market research job undertaken at home is proving to be very popular, and can often lead to more lucrative avenues such as setting up your own blog and posting your own reviews to attract advertising revenue.

No More 9 - 5

Carrying out market research jobs from home is becoming more and more popular; and with that comes more new and exciting ways to make money. You will never feel stuck in a rut with this type of work, as you would with a regular job, because each task is new and challenging - and because there's a variety of tasks to choose from, you won't get bored easily. Market research jobs from home allow you to work at times that suit you - no anxious time keeping, or clock watching for 5pm. You set your hours to those you want, and which suit your family commitments.