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Market Research Interviewers

Market research interviewer

The role of a market research interviewer usually involves an employee working on their own initiative asking many different members of the public a vast variety of questions that have been decided on by the market research company. The responses are collected and the data is sent back to the company. The job can involve going door to door or approaching people on the High Street or in a specific outlet. Topics covered could include anything from asking what people think about crime levels in their area to gauging their opinion on a specific product or service they have used.

The exact nature of the job may depend on what sort of market research company you work for. All sorts of companies look for market researchers such as charities, chain stores, government bodies, advertising agencies and many more. Jobs are available in every area of the country and a simple internet search can usually provide you with lots of available positions. Alternatively, there are some websites where you can upload your CV for this kind of position and specify what topic areas you would consider researching.

What Do Companies Need Data For?

Many different types of companies and organisations need opinions from people of various ages and backgrounds for numerous different reasons. Local councils need to know how they are seen by the community and what facilities need improving. Shops need to know why customers choose to shop there. Businesses may wish to know what you like or dislike about any number of products or services that they have on offer. It is all so the company in question can improve a product or a service and therefore encourage more people to buy or use it. By employing market researchers to collect data from the customers directly at source, they find out exactly what is going right and what is going wrong. The market researcher will note down answers anonymously from the customer and report the information gathered back to the company.

Skills you will Need

You don't need any type of formal qualification to be a market researcher. However, ideal candidates are usually self motivated, outgoing and enjoy meeting new people. There are some higher paid market research jobs available for graduates that pay at a significantly higher rate but these will usually involve analysis of the data collected. But generally, you will be expected to liaise with all sorts of members of the public and you should feel comfortable approaching a wide variety of different people from different backgrounds. Therefore it is essential that you feel comfortable speaking to people and, more importantly, possess the necessary skills to allow them to talk to you with ease when they are answering your questions.

The questions posed by the market research company will be already in front of you - and you should stick to asking the questions which you have been given. You will be provided with full training before going out on your own and help and support is always available from the agency when you need it. Market research companies will expect you to reach a certain target and you will need to be self motivated and enthusiastic enough to carry on until your job is complete. Candidates will also require their own transport.

How Much Can I Earn?

Payment for this kind of work will depend on how much work you are willing to take on. Freelance market researchers usually only work on a part time basis, although there are full time positions occasionally available. Many people take on jobs to cover student fees, to fill in time between jobs or as an extra source of income. Jobs can also be taken on for a short term period if necessary. The rate of pay that is available will depend on the amount of work you can get and the type of market research company you work for. On average, employees can expect to earn £50 - £60 per day (£11,000 per annum) working on a part time basis five or six days a week. Some companies claim that you can earn more with them and it is always worth keeping your eyes open for better earning opportunities as and when they become available.