Sample Resume for Market Research Jobs


The main purpose of any resume is to market yourself to the recruiting company. This is no different for a market research resume. It is important to highlight all your skills, experience and qualifications that could be useful in any market research role. Here's a step by step guide on how to do this. This article also includes a sample resume for you to follow.


Start by Brainstorming Market Research

Before beginning your resume, it is important to plan it as well as you can. While you may want to go into lots of detail in order to promote yourself, it is worth noting that employers prefer short resumes which fit onto one side of A4. Employers will often have to sift through hundreds of such documents and will not have the time or desire to read a long, drawn out resume no matter how good it may be. At first, this may seem difficult but, as we will see, everything you say in your resume should be relevant to the post so words should not be wasted on useless fillers. Start your plan by brainstorming key words relating to the market research position. These could include buzz words associated with market research and strategy which you should use to emphasis any marketing qualifications you have, experience or particular skills.

Adapt your Resume to the Employer

It is important to adapt your resume to the employer rather than sending out multiple generic ones. Look carefully at the job description and highlight the required elements in your resume. For example, if the employer wants a person with a strong analytical background, highlight any qualifications you have which could relate to this. More importantly, list examples of how you have analysed market data in previous employment. The company will not just want to know that you understand how to do the job, but that you can prove you can do it effectively. Take the time to research the employer in detail. This will not only stand you in good stead should you be invited to attend an interview, but it may provide more information on what kind of employee the company usually recruits.

Highlight What You Can Do for the Company

The main purpose of a marketing research resume should be to show the employer how you can improve their business. Therefore, it is important to highlight your personal input in improving companies you have previously worked for. You may have bought in more clients, more money or developed a successful marketing strategy. Be as positive as you can without inventing facts of figures that could catch you out at the interview stage.

Try to Avoid Cliches

Every recruiter will have heard the phrases 'hard worker' or 'team player' so many times that they effectively become redundant. Avoid cliched or generic terms and try to include information that demonstrates you are a good market researcher. Similarly, avoid a personal hobbies or interest section as this is irrelevant to the role you are applying for. If an employer really wants to know this type of personal detail, they will ask you at the interview. Such sections waste space on your resume.

Sample Market Research Resume


MARKET RESEARCHER (ensure this heading matches the job title)

Start with a brief description of your professional background but do not include your specific employment history. Highlight your skills in market research and emphasise what you have achieved in your career. For example, 'history of forecasting sales to develop long term marketing strategies'. Write in the third person. Do not say 'I did' or 'I have'. Remember that this is the first thing an employer will read so make it stand out.


Your job title, from year to year

Make sure you keep this section under 300 words. Again, look at the job description of the job you are applying for and highlight anything you have done in your previous employment. Do this in bullet point form. This makes it easier to read for the employer and makes your list seem longer and, therefore, more impressive. Do not include anything that is not relevant for a market research role.

Continue to list previous employers following the above format. Do this for a maximum of three roles. However, only do this if the job actually relates to market research. There is no need to list every single job that you have ever had. The employer will focus on your most recent role, preferably in market research.


Start by listing professional qualifications in market research as this will impress the recruiter the most. Next list educational qualifications but list just the highest level of education that you have obtained. For example, if you have a degree, do not mention any qualifications from school.