Big Brother is Watching You in the Supermarket

Recently one giant supermarket came under fire as it launched its new face scanning software that differentiates between males and females at the till. The software, developed by Lord Sugar's company, aims to separate customers into sex and maybe age in a bid to show them promotions and offers that are relevant while they wait in line to pay. At SurveyCompare we know how important customer feedback is, our survey companies give retailers incredible insights into what the consumer wants and they can only do this with the help of you and your... Read Full Article »

Have Your Say on Sony Music, Products, Bands and Artists with this Survey

Do you ever wish you could influence the music industry? That your opinion would help to build a better music future for everyone? Would you like to play an active part in keeping Sony at the top of their game? You Talk, Sony Listen There's a reason Sony is still a high quality brand that makes us think of great sound systems, the latest technology and musicians that we want to hear. It's because they invest in people like you to discover how to keep their customers happy, now and in the future. Now they're looking for more music lovers to... Read Full Article »

Make Your Opinion Count and Tell Us Why Your City Stands Out

In the UK we adore our cities, they get under our skin and become part of us. Fiercely protective of our homes we also love to see improvements such as the funding that’s turned Liverpool around and new arenas that bring bigger names to our towns. Your Opinion Matters, Don’t Keep it to Yourself This exciting opportunity is due to the launch of Clear Channel’s new online community. Clear Channel are eager to discover what makes good cities great in the UK. They want information from you, the people that live in the heart of the action every... Read Full Article »

Why You the Consumer are Now in Control

As a writer and journalist I'm often asked to interview CEOs of big companies such as Tesco and Verifone. These interviews along with the research that follows gives me an extraordinary insight into how retailers view the consumer. I am extremely passionate about customer service, as I strongly believe that it takes very little to show gratitude for custom. I also believe that if someone has chosen a job in retail or food they should have the motivation to provide a service they are proud of. Sitting on the fence I often review customer... Read Full Article »

How To Get Paid For Answering Questions Online

For those of us who don’t earn a fortune in our regular jobs, finding a simple way to supplement our income without a huge amount of time and effort would be absolutely ideal. Clearly we’re not going to be able to make ‘mega bucks’ in this way, but a little bit extra each month can go a long way. A great way to do this is to find opportunities to make money whilst working from home, so that the job can be fitted around our other employment and our family commitments if necessary. Read Full Article »

Will Modern Britain Ever be Able to Stop Work Completely?

We’ve done a bit of research into how modern Britain feels about their retirement, interviewing 2000 respondents of various ages. Welcome to the UK, where we work until we’re about 60 and we live until we’re about 80. Our life expectancies are rising and so is the age of pension, thanks to better health technology and a worse economy. But our expected ‘healthy’ lives - i.e the age we begin to show signs of deterioration - are not rising as sharply as the pension age. To save money the government would love us to work for longer, but is that... Read Full Article »

Sample Resume for Market Research Jobs

Experience The main purpose of any resume is to market yourself to the recruiting company. This is no different for a market research resume. It is important to highlight all your skills, experience and qualifications that could be useful in any market research role. Here's a step by step guide on how to do this. This article also includes a sample resume for you to follow. Read Full Article »

Examples of Market Research Jobs

To do a market research at home is one of the easiest ways to earn, or supplement an income, bringing with it the type of flexibility you wouldn't have in a job outside of the home. Many people from all walks of life and in all sorts of situations are reaping the benefits of undertaking market research tasks from the comfort of their own homes and enjoying the freedom this brings to their working lives. Read Full Article »

What is Market Research Interviewer Job

Market Research Interviewers The role of a market research interviewer usually involves an employee working on their own initiative asking many different members of the public a vast variety of questions that have been decided on by the market research company. The responses are collected and the data is sent back to the company. The job can involve going door to door or approaching people on the High Street or in a specific outlet. Topics covered could include anything from asking what people think about crime levels in their area to gauging... Read Full Article »

What is Market Research?

The Term Market Research... ...refers to the organised effort to gather information about a particular market and its customers. It can be a very important part of a company's business strategy because it can provide valuable information about the kinds of things that your customers like and what they don't like. This can influence your company's marketing strategy and can help them to more effectively produce the kinds of products and services that their customers are looking for. Many companies use independent market research companies to... Read Full Article »