Survey Companies: The Reasons Behind the Rewards

Survey companies reward you with points, vouchers and money in return for giving your opinions. Companies value your opinion as it can help them to improve products and services. Without your input there would be a lot of failed products on the market. Therefore, when companies have a new idea for a product, it is important to gather the views of the general public in order to gain an insight on what they can do to improve the product if necessary. This also helps gives them an idea of which age group to target the product at.


By providing your opinion to a company you, the consumer, can play an integral part in sales and how a product is marketed to the relevant audience. This then results in companies making money - hence the rewards. After all, it's only fair to provide an incentive and the greater that incentive is the more feedback they are likely to receive.

Some companies may even send you a new product before it is in the shops for you to test at home so you can see how it works. You will be sent an online questionnaire to complete to evaluate the product. With this, as with other surveys, as long as you give your honest opinion and don't rush the questionnaire you will receive your reward. However, if a survey company feels you have not been honest with your answers you will not receive your reward and in some cases may be removed from the site for good.

How Can I Make More Money with Surveys?

A great way of maximizing your earning potential by participating in surveys is by registering with as many companies as possible to give you a better chance of being selected for questionnaires. Many of the companies who reward your participation with points give you the option of exchanging your points for cash as well as vouchers. If the company sends you a product to test at home you will then receive a further reward for your time. Often you also get to keep the product that you have tested.

Another tip is to keep an eye on your points or cash balance and try to redeem this as soon as you reach the payment threshold. If a company suddenly goes bust and you have reached your payment threshold but haven't requested redemption you will lose any money or points you have in your account.

Try to stay away from survey companies which offer only a small reward for a very lengthy survey. Ideally, you should be given a fair and realistic reward for your time completing a survey or product test. After doing some research you soon get to know which ones are worth staying with and which ones are not!

It is also important to know that you should never have to pay a fee to register with a survey company. All legitimate survey companies are free to join, with some being invitation only.

Always check your spam/junk mail folder for surveys.

Which are the Best Survey Sites?

There are many sites when searching the Internet who claim to list the best survey sites. The following are companies which are recommended by reputable sites:

My Survey

This site rewards you with points and once you reach the minimum threshold of 345 points you can redeem these for a cash value of £3 payable by Pay pal. You are also given the option of redeeming your points for various different vouchers.


This survey company is by invitation only so you will need to look out for their banners advertising for new participants. This is one of the highest paying survey companies, paying £3 per online survey, which on average takes about 15 minutes. They often send out products to test at home for which you will receive a further £3 after completing an online survey evaluating the product and usually you will get to keep the product after you have tested it.

Valued Opinions

This survey company rewards with online or High Street vouchers once you reach the payment threshold of £10.

A Final Word of Advice

If you're serious about making money from surveys, do keep a close eye on your inbox and respond as quickly as possible to all survey invites, particularly those from the 'better' companies. Some surveys are only open for a limited time and the quota for others are often fast to fill up. Besides, the more you respond, the more likely it will be that you'll gain a good reputation, one which should then lead to involvement with some of the higher paying market research panels who are always on the lookout for people willing to provide more detailed opinions on a wide variety of goods and services.