Avon Business Model - How to Make Money

How Avon Started

Avon was started by David McConnell in 1886. Mr McConnell was a door-to-door book seller and was giving away samples of perfume as sales incentives to his customers when they purchased books from him. He soon found that the perfume was more popular than his books, so he then founded the California Perfume Company. He also realised that sales were better if he sold directly to customers in their homes, rather than relying on potential customers to come to him.

Testing Make-up

The Avon business model as we know it today was started by Mr McConnell's first employee, Mrs PFE Albee. She would travel by train and horseback to visit homes and to sell Avon, predominantly to housewives. She would offer to train her customers so that they in turn could sell Avon and subsequently recruit new members. This was a unique opportunity for women who at the time were usually unable to work outside of their home. Just a few years later in 1903, over 100,000 women were selling Avon products at a time before women were even able to vote.

Avon is now the world's largest direct seller and sells its products to customers in over 100 countries through its network of over 6.4 million Avon representatives. It is headed by Andrea Jung who was voted the fifth most powerful woman in business by Fortune magazine in 2009.

What is the Avon Business Model?

Avon currently uses multi-level marketing and has over 120 years’ experience in direct selling. The company uses both door-to-door representatives and brochures to help sell their products. The Avon business model means that a representative can be recruited and then sell products. Avon representatives can earn commission of up to 25% on their sales, depending on the size of their order. Once they are established, they can then become sales leaders (also known as recruiters or manageresses), recruiting sales people themselves, who will then go out and sell products. The recruiters will receive a percentage of commission based on the sales of their newly recruited team in addition to their own sales.

The Benefits of Working for Avon

Avon is one of the leading and most well-known skincare and cosmetics manufacturers in the world. It has a long history in direct selling, so can offer new recruits excellent training and support. Many people work just a few hours as Avon representatives, whilst others can earn a more substantial income as sales leaders and benefit from company awards, financial incentives and could even qualify for the opportunity to win paid holidays.

Avon products are extremely popular, but can only be sold by Avon representatives, giving them more exclusivity and therefore a strong opportunity for sales and repeat business. Whilst door-to-door selling is still popular, technology has now made it possible for many representatives to accept online orders from their customers.

Getting Started

If you are interested in selling for Avon, you will need to contact a representative by replying to an advert or by leaving your details on the Avon website. A sales leader will then contact you and discuss the Avon business with you (usually in your own home), offering you training and support if you wish to pursue this career. If you are a successful representative, and have built up a following, you may wish to establish yourself as a sales leader.

As a sales leader, you will be responsible for building up your own team of representatives and will offer training and support to your new recruits. You will be able to earn a good wage, including up to 12% of the commission from each of your team, as well as an additional bonus. At this level, much of your time will be spent focusing on building your team.

Making a Success out of the Avon Business Model

If you are committed to the brand and would like to make a success of working for Avon, you will need to have a lot of dedication and work hard. Many people have become very successful and earned a lot of money by committing themselves to the Avon business model, but to be successful you will need to become very involved, essentially acting as a business owner to promote Avon. The results of your work will show and there are many incentives that you can earn working for this very supportive and rewarding company.