Jobs for Stay At Home Mums

Are You A Busy Parent?

In a bid to save money and to meet the needs of stay at home mums, many companies have created positions which are flexible, incorporating work which can be completed from home. As more companies move away from traditional working methods and increase their output through online means, there is a need for freelance workers who can and will work remotely.

The field for work from home jobs is surprisingly large. From small, pay per task jobs like taking surveys, to sales jobs and promotions or article and content writing, there are endless tasks which are perfect for women whose primary role is centered around the home but who are in need of an extra income.

Small Tasks and Surveys

The advent of crowd sourcing platforms has played a helping hand in creating work opportunities for stay at home mums. Stay at home workers may be required to perform tasks as small as checking web search results, checking titles of videos, or finding the price of something in return for a small payment which will match the size of the job. In most cases, it is possible to make a decent hourly wage through completing crowd sourcing tasks, though the work may be sporadic and most suitable for subsidising another form of income.

Surveys are another common way of earning a little extra income. In order to qualify for surveys, market researchers will usually check the candidate is from the correct demographic with three or four pre-screening questions. Also, candidates can only complete a survey once.

Articles and Copy Writing

Every website on the internet is filled with content. Someone has to write all of this. If you have a specific interest, knowledge about a particular subject, or just a flair for the English language, there's a market out there for you to earn an income. There are websites which directly employ groups of freelancers, others that accept single articles, and yet more who run like a magazine and pay for articles which have been pitched to the editor.

Traditional print media outlets also need content on an ongoing basis. The market for the written word is huge. Companies need people to write their adverts, to pen letters, to write copy for catalogues and to compose newsletters. In order to score writing jobs, most employers will want to see proof of previous work. Put together a brief portfolio of work you have completed and keep adding to it as you engage in more projects.

Sales and Promotions

Another option for stay at home mums is sales based work like selling beauty products and household wares. There are two main methods of doing this type of work. The first is to keep a stock of items, or catalogues which friends and neighbours can buy from. Another, more viable, method which requires very little financial outlay is to sell items as an affiliate marketer. For affiliate marketers there is no need to stock a product, as any sold items will usually be sent directly from the company. Work at home mums can start their business for next to nothing by simply setting up a content rich website, and engaging with affiliate marketing.