Sell Your Administration Services Online

If you are currently looking for ways to increase your monthly income, then it could be well worth you considering using the internet to market yourself and your skills to prospective employers.

Man typingToday’s economic situation means that many of us are looking for ideas about how to earn a bit more money to account for rising costs in pretty much all areas of our daily lives. It might be easier than you think to make this happen for you, by simply letting others know about your existing skills and experience so that you can take on small tasks and projects in your ‘spare’ time.

There are many small businesses who cannot afford to take on full-time employees in certain roles, but who still need to delegate some of their workload out beyond their current staff. Larger organisations may also need extra support but restricted budgets might mean that they are unable to take on additional employees.

In either of these circumstances you might find that you are offered ongoing part-time work with the same employer, or a series of one-off projects with various different employers, but either way it should all add up to a little bit more financial freedom for you.

What Sort of Skills are Suitable for These Opportunities?

There isn’t a simple and neat answer to that question. It is fair to say that the easiest skills to sell online are probably those which can be done using a computer and an internet connection, as this means that you and your employer have no need to be based geographically close to each other in order to work together successfully.

Administration tasks such as writing letters, basic accounting and typing up notes, memos or minutes from meetings are all easily done on a remote basis and usually would not require you to have any prior knowledge of the business with which you are dealing. You will simply get emailed with the details of the work that needs doing and a deadline for its completion. You might find that some IT tasks, social media management or web design projects are easy enough to do from home as well.

Having said all that, if you are selling your services on a local website then it might be that you are able to consider opportunities that you could do at home - such as flower arranging or cake making - but then deliver to your employer (or their customer) once you are finished.

What Preparation Should I do Before Commencing my Job Search?

Clearly you are going to have to do some preparation before you set about selling your service - whatever they may be - online. You will need to ensure that you have a curriculum vitae (CV - also known as a resume) that is kept updated with all your past employment and any other relevant experience that you may have. For example, you may be seeking work as a writer and have a blog to which you could refer people. Even though this would not feature in your employment history, it is still a worthwhile source of information for potential employers.

Be aware that whichever sites you end up registering with, you will need to keep your profile updated regularly so that it remains fresh and always has something to catch an employer’s eye.

Also bear in mind that given that the majority of your work will probably be based online you should pay attention to what the rest of your online presence says about you, as employers may well check this out before offering you any work. It’s very easy for employers to complete quite a detailed check of your activity on blogs and social media channels, so don’t post anything anywhere that you would embarrassed to have explain later.

How Should I go About Marketing my Services Online?

You have a few options when it comes to deciding how best to sell your services online.

One idea is to set up your own basic website (which can be done for free at sites such as Weebly) containing all the information that prospective employers might need. However, you would have to let others know about this website yourself, either through sharing it on social media - Twitter or Facebook, for example - or joining sites such as LinkedIn, which is a professional network networking site where people can, “ information, ideas and opportunities.”

Another suggestion is to join job / career sites such as and, where you can register for free and upload a CV for employers to peruse as and when they are looking to take people on. It is simple to specify the type of work for which you are searching, so you can easily adjust your settings so that you only receive offers appropriate to your circumstances and are not bombarded with emails that are not relevant to you.

Finally, you could even consider creating a profile at a site such as Gumtree, which is a slightly more informal way of searching for jobs or letting employers come looking for you. Their Jobs page can be found at.