Managing the Work Life Balance for Parents

Working from home seems to be the solution to the recession as it allows many parents to juggle work and life while bringing in extra cash. As more and more opportunities arise for people to sell their skills online, more people than ever are using the home PC to make money. This flexible way of working is obviously popular however it can blur the lines between work and life, leaving some feeling as though they’re giving neither work nor life 100%. For example, choose a couple of complete days off a week, it doesn’t have to be a weekend (many... Read Full Article »

How to Manage Childcare When Working From Home

Controversy is currently surrounding the subject of rearing children while working from home. Elizabeth Duff, senior policy advisor at the National Childbirth Trust, pointed out that parents who work from home can't simultaneously look after their children. Read Full Article »

Ideas for Free or Inexpensive Family Activities for Whole 2013

It has been calculated that the cost of raising a child to the age of 21 is a staggering £200,000. With this in mind, the benefits of identifying money saving tips for your family activities are clear. Family days out can be notoriously expensive, so here are a selection of month by month tips to help you cut the cost of any family excursions which you can mark down in our free wall calendar for 2013, to download and print calendar on your home printer CLICK HERE (A4 size, PDF file format). Read Full Article »

Pitfalls of Being a Working Parent

Working parents face more challenges today than ever before. The question of parenting is often dependent on economic factors, as well as the desire felt by each parent to progress within their respective careers. The old ideal of Dad going out to work full time and Mum staying at home to look after the children is still considered the best possible parenting model, but this no longer fits with today's modern family. Men, as well as women, now face new choices when it comes to the question of how best to contribute to raising their families. Read Full Article »

Rights And Benefits For Working Parents

Being a parent is always a challenge and juggling parenthood with employment even more so. Since employers vary widely in their attitude towards working parents, it can be useful to understand what rights and benefits are available. Read Full Article »

Quick Ways to Make Money for Stay at Home Parents

Working from home can be a challenge for stay at home parents as there are many competing demands on their time. One of the first steps in being able to earn extra money from home is to schedule points in your day to focus on earning extra money. When that time is doesn't matter. It can be when the children have gone to bed, before they get up or at some other time. The important fact is you schedule the time. Even if you can only set aside 20 minutes, you will still be able to earn some money in that period and once it is set aside you will... Read Full Article »

Extra Income for Stay at Home Dads

Dads at Home The cost of nursery care is becoming unrealistic for the low earner - even the average family - and if Mum's job pays better, then why dad couldn't be stay at home parent? Mothers have been successfully making money at home for years whilst looking after the children and now an increasing number of fathers are searching for the same opportunities. You will be surprised at how many options there are and through some online research, you are bound to find something that appeals to you. Read Full Article »

Pros and Cons of Parents Working from Home

Home is Where the Job Is Whether you work at home or go out to work, you will face challenges that you need to overcome and different routines and set-ups that you must put in place before you reach as close to a perfect working situation as you can. Nothing is ever going to be 100% perfect, but whilst working from home can sometimes solve more problems that it creates, there are still bumps in the road to level out and deal with prior to settling down to the job. Read Full Article »

Mums Can Make Money From Home!

What Sorts of Jobs are Available to Stay at Home Mums? There are a number of different jobs that 'stay at home' mums can do to supplement their household budgets although all will require some planning to ensure that you are able to carry out the required amount of work. Home work can range from direct selling to dog walking or from administration through to running a small home based business. Direct selling is one of the more popular ways of earning money from home. Beauty companies such as Avon give mothers the chance to sell their... Read Full Article »

Jobs for Stay At Home Mums

Are You A Busy Parent? In a bid to save money and to meet the needs of stay at home mums, many companies have created positions which are flexible, incorporating work which can be completed from home. As more companies move away from traditional working methods and increase their output through online means, there is a need for freelance workers who can and will work remotely. The field for work from home jobs is surprisingly large. From small, pay per task jobs like taking surveys, to sales jobs and promotions or article and content writing... Read Full Article »