Review of UK based Freebie Companies

What is Product Testing? There are a number of websites that offer free product testing, and in order to take part, you will need to sign up online. You will then receive products from different companies who are looking for people to record their experiences and provide an accurate evaluation. All information received by the company is then analysed and used to make changes to improve the product. The vast majority of the products sent to you for testing can be retained after you have left feedback on the company's website. There are also a... Read Full Article »

Do Legitimate Product Testing Opportunities Exist?

Online opportunities to test products do exist, but how do you tell the legitimate offers from the fake ones that lead nowhere? It can be frustrating to spend time searching, filling out page after page of personal information, only to find that you've reached a dead end. And it's enough to leave you wondering if these jobs were ever really available! One of the simplest and safest ways to get involved with testing products is to sign up to a legitimate online survey panel who offer product testing. You may not get to test something as often... Read Full Article »

Free Sample of Product Testing Resume

Writing a resume is one of the hardest components of the whole process of applying for jobs. The best resumes are expected to be short and concise yet contain a wealth of information about your skills and experience. In this article we will concentrate on what applicants for product testing jobs should be including in their resume. We will also provide a sample resume which can be used as a template for such roles. Make it Relevant Perhaps the most important aspect of writing a resume is to make it relevant to the position you are applying for... Read Full Article »

Product Testing Techniques

Why Do Manufacturers Test Products? Manufacturers have a duty of obligation to ensure that the products they produce and sell are trustworthy, safe and fit for purpose. But there are other reasons to test a product with the general public including finding out if the product will prove a viable option in the current marketplace, whether it fills a niche or solves a problem within a target demographic or if an existing product been adequately improved. Read Full Article »

Types of Products Available for Testing

Thinking about Taking Part in Product Testing? The types of products available for testing are many and varied, and there are numerous websites offering the chance to test new and exciting products on a daily basis. Eligibility for testing a particular product can often rely upon you fitting a particular demographic, i.e. if you're a parent, a young adult, or a retired person; and in some cases, you could be chosen on the basis of your profession or occupation. Product testing opportunities can often mean that you will be chosen randomly -... Read Full Article »

Product Testing from Home

The Need for Product Testing More than ever, manufacturers and businesses are eager to know what their target market thinks and feels about the products and services they provide. Word of mouth has evolved in the last few years, and it's easier for manufacturers and businesses to learn about their consumers than ever before. Furthermore, the internet has become a platform for consumers to find their strongest voice ever, and product testers have therefore become pivotal to the launch of new products and services, as well as in addressing areas... Read Full Article »