The Importance of Reviews and Why Your Opinion Matters

Customer reviews are now the most important part of a brand's marketing strategy yet still many consumers don't realise the power they have. Earlier this month, The Consumer Voice published an infographic that shows just what impact customer reviews have on sales. The findings are sure to astound but they'll also make you realise why many of our survey companies are prepared to pay for your opinion. In the infographic it shows that 68% of women and 66% of men will look at customer reviews before buying a product. Quite simply we trust... Read Full Article »

How to Make the Most of Your Local Area on a Tight Budget

The summer holidays are now over and the pressure to entertain the younger members of our families is certainly less than it was only weeks ago. However, with evenings and weekends to fill, as well as a half-term holiday that is getting ever closer, it's worth knowing that there is still fun to be had and time to be filled without you having to shell out a great deal of money. With a little bit of forethought, one of the cheapest and most interesting things you can do with your family is to make the most of your local area. By that, I don't... Read Full Article »

How Do We Consume Recessions [Interactive Infographic]

Talk is cheap and money’s too tight to mention… so we made an infographic instead! We've made another infographic but this one sings and dances! It shows us how many of our movies, books, music are about money and materialism, and how many of our heroes and villains are too. And it’s interactive too. You can click on any of these movies, songs, books etc, to watch the trailer, listen to the track or read about its plotline. We’ve asked the question: how do we spend our money at a time when there’s not much spare money to spend? In short, how... Read Full Article »

Guest Post: Don’t Get Left Behind

This month our guest blogger is George Peebles, who is a freelance content writer and web-master based in London. His passions include fine art, business and finance. The Internet has become the greatest marketing tool to grace this decade and the most revolutionary form of advertising the world has seen. This is because it’s not cripplingly expensive like television, and it allows more creative freedom as well as specifically targeting the audience that you want to target. However, the most wonderful trait of the Internet in terms of... Read Full Article »