How Do We Consume Recessions [Interactive Infographic]

Talk is cheap and money’s too tight to mention… so we made an infographic instead!

We've made another infographic but this one sings and dances! It shows us how many of our movies, books, music are about money and materialism, and how many of our heroes and villains are too.

And it’s interactive too. You can click on any of these movies, songs, books etc, to watch the trailer, listen to the track or read about its plotline.

We’ve asked the question: how do we spend our money at a time when there’s not much spare money to spend? In short, how do we consume recessions?

It turns out there is a pattern we can study, thanks to the uncanny way history repeats itself. We’ve compared our current economic crumble to the one that staggered us back in the 1980s. Back then we had Wall Street; now we have Wall Street II.

It’s no surprise, but we’ve discovered that MONEY TALKS. Our infographic shows what was culturally relevant then, and what is relevant now. Twenty years later and money’s still too tight to mention. Defining our capitalist culture are two strands: money and love. And since we’re talking recessions we’ve done away with love.

What other money-themed entertainments are there? The more we’ve thought about it the more we realise we’ve missed out. The Message by Grandmaster Flash, for example. Leave your suggestions below – maybe we’ll make a sequel…