Video Review #1 – Neil

We've had a lot of positive feedback about our paid survey case studies in recent months. It's always useful to hear from people who've had a genuine experience with something before deciding whether it's right for you.

So now we're going to be bringing you a series of video reviews, so you can learn even more about SurveyCompare from some of the people who have used the site to compare and sign-up with different market research companies. The first review is by Neil. Here's what he has to say. You can watch our second video review here.

SurveyCompare Official Review by Neil

In this short video Neil, a SurveyCompare user, shares his experience with the website.

Video Transcript

The Survey Compare website is a very simple and easy design. It makes it very easy for the user to navigate their way around the website and found out exactly what they need to know when signing up. The sign up process is a very simple process. Before singing up it actually tells you how many stages there are to the sign up process. I know a lot of websites you start the sign up and before you know it, you've gone through your tenth stage and you're really bored of doing it and you end up giving up.

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It's not the case with Survey Compare. You know that there's only three stages to go and you know those three stages won't take long at all. The information that's required when signing up is very minimal unlike some websites that ask you for silly information or silly security codes. It's a very simple and easy set up. The last edge of the sign up, you have to go into your emails.

They do create a portal that you click on that takes you straight into your email which is very handy and makes it very, very quick. So overall, the sign up process is a very good process and very simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. The survey panel review is a very good section when trying to decide what surveys to actually take or once you've taken and signed to these surveys, what other users have actually got out of them and what experience they have with doing those surveys.

It gives you a rating score of each survey and exactly how each person found them. So, you can find out if some surveys may be better suited to you or not. Overall, the website is a very easy site to use. It's very self explanatory and it seems to offer very good service allowing you to make money as well as giving you a lot of information about saving money. The website explains itself very well with a video on the instruction you want to do and anything that might not be explained is in the extensive FAQ section.