Equipment for Your Home Based Data Entry Job

Taking on data entry jobs from home requires a little planning. Everything from the computer you use to the chair you sit on can determine how well you work. And don't forget about other important items such as your keyboard and desk. Other gadgets can also help make the job more enjoyable, and impact on how well you carry out your assignments. So, to avoid wasting any time on frustrations regarding poorly chosen equipment, the following guide will help you to start as you mean to go on. Read Full Article »

How to Earn Money Online With Data Entry Jobs

What is Data Entry? Data entry is the process of entering some form of information or data into a computerised database or spreadsheet; for example, the process of entering hand written data obtained from questionnaires into a computer programme. Data entry is most often done by an individual typing on a keyboard although it can be done electronically by a machine entering the data. The person entering the data is known as a data entry clerk, database administrator or a typist. Read Full Article »

Are Data Entry Jobs Real?

Data entry job opportunities seem to be everywhere on the Internet. A search will throw up numerous results for those you can do from home - but which ones are legitimate and which ones take you down a blind alley? Before you click on any of those results, it's important to know what to expect and how to differentiate between a legitimate offer of data entry work and something that is little more than an affiliate marketing scheme. It's also worth noting that even if you do find some legitimate offers online, it's unlikely that you will make... Read Full Article »

Qualifications for Data Entry Jobs

The Popularity of Data Entry Jobs With the current economic conditions leading to a surge in interest from individuals looking to supplement their household incomes through home based employment, one of the most popular money spinning applications seems to be in the field of online data entry. Being relatively low skilled, easy to perform and needing no previous experience, it's no small wonder this appears an attractive proposition to those in search of a quick and easy buck. Read Full Article »

Freelance Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Jobs for Freelancers Data entry jobs are ideally designed for freelancers as this type of work, typically entering data into accounting software, database or other software packages, can be done almost anywhere as long as the person completing the work has access to a computer. Data entry jobs can be found through word of mouth, advertising or bidding for jobs on freelance websites. This latter method is becoming increasingly popular as it allows people to access a large number of jobs at any one time. There are a number of... Read Full Article »

Data Entry Jobs Working From Home

What is Data Entry? Data entry jobs have been described as "envelope stuffing for the digital age". It entails the processing and entry of data onto a file or a document and, due to its time consuming and repetitive nature, is generally outsourced to a home worker, leaving in-house employees to use their time more productively. While it requires no formal training, data entry does demand a high level of accuracy and a good command of both English and mathematics. It is also necessary for those considering such a position to be familiar with... Read Full Article »