Money Saving Tips from SurveyCompare #1

There are many obvious ways to make income - go for really well paid job or run your own business, but don’t you think that somehow it is always so much easier to spend money than make it? We at SurveyCopare think that one of the most important factors to keep the income and spending in balance is to plan your budget and to find out on what you could save some money.

Here are few saving tips from our team members which we really hope some of you will find useful:

Poppy, SEO Executive:

- Save on gifts by going "crafty". Birthdays or Christmas coming up and no idea what to give? Try your hand at making your own gifts instead! Many appreciate a hand made gift a lot more than a shop bought one. Save money and get creative! Ideas include home-made jams, chutneys, cakes, cards, or maybe a personalised photo album or calendar. There are also loads of craft blogs out there that can help you make something really special!

- Grow your own herbs/plants/vegetables. As well as lightening up your kitchen or garden, home grown vegetables and herbs taste a lot nicer, last a lot longer and save you money as well!

- Save on travel by booking early or checking alternative routes. Could you take a train or drive instead of flying? Could you take a bus instead of the train? Changing your way of travel and booking in advance saves you more so you can spend more on the actual holiday itself !

Sam, Online Marketing Executive :

- Get your hair cut FOR FREE at a hairdressing academy e.g. Toni and Guy hair dressing academy in Tottenham Court Road. (I've only done this once because it took forever but one of the best haircuts I've ever had)

- Drive in higher gears- Save fuel!

- Try making natural beauty products at home instead of spending a fortune on the designer products- You can work wonders by making natural exfoliants such as Sea Salt/Oats and olive oil scrub, much better for you then unnecessary chemicals

Amy, Content Manager:

- Freeze your credit card in a cup of water. Only thaw it out when you really need it. This will stop you from making impulse purchases that aren't necessary and racking up debt.

- Start shopping online. Making purchases online will put you in control of your shopping experience. You will no longer be distracted by extra items in the store that make your total bill much higher.

- Cook your meals from scratch. Supermarket ready-meals are expensive and will add up. Plus, you will get the enjoyment of honing your culinary skills and sharing delicious meals with friends and family.

Oliver, SEO Executive:

- Cycle to work

- Bring my own lunch from home to work

- Open up an ISA account with a high interest rate and be ready to change bank accounts after one year as the high interest rates with almost all banks only last for the 1st year you open your account!