Wow – Doing Surveys Can Earn You Money and Savings Too, Big Savings

Hi all and happy Sunday,

I’ve been busier than usual this week and it has paid off by allowing me to hit my record earnings of £60. I’ve been joining so many different survey panels which have proven very interesting and rewarding. I did quite a few surveys this weekend using survey panels that I had ignored before but decided to give a go through the SurveyCompare website and I was pleasantly surprised.

One particular survey worried me, as I was being asked about who I used as electricity and gas suppliers followed by the question “would you like someone to contact you to see if they can save you money on your gas and electric bills?” I thought, oh no, I’m being tricked into a sales call later on. Then the survey continued to ask similar questions about my life insurance and funeral arrangements. What! I had started and wanted my money at the end of it so I continued and much to my surprise I found myself saying yes to a few of the questions such as “would you like to receive a call from an internet service provider to beat your current internet and landline costs?”

As the survey went on I became more comfortable with this new (to me anyway) style of survey. Most surveys just ask for your feedback as opposed to also trying to sell you stuff but strangely enough, it was ok to me. I couldn’t believe it. I, who routinely dodge those annoyingly bubbly charity workers outside the tube station, was comfortable being offered things. At the end of the survey I saw a list of offers including voucher codes for things I had just purchased and wanted to kick myself for ignoring these survey panels in the past. The Toshiba TV I paid £475 for could have cost me just £369 using the voucher code I was given. The vouchers were amazing and I can’t wait until pay day to buy another bed because my one has started creaking and they had a bed I had previously seen for £800 going for £399. To make things so sweet, I got paid a pound to get these amazing offers.

Well, I’ve learnt a lesson this week that I thought I already knew; join as many survey panels as possible and you can earn and save a lot of cash.

Until next week – enjoy your Sunday and join those panels now if you have the time.

Jay – truly blown away.