Your Complete Guide to Making Money by Selling Unwanted Items

Over a third of the population are now making money by selling their unwanted items online and offline. Although eBay is obviously popular there are many other options that are easier and capable of bringing in some much needed cash. We’ve put together the best ways to earn from you unwanted stuff, along with fees and guides on how to make the most out of each one. Read more about: ONLINE SELLING: eBay Amazon THE BEST CLASSIFIEDS ONLINE: Gumtree PreLoved FreeAds SPECIFIC SITES: MusicMagpie Mobile Recycling OFFLINE SELLING:... Read Full Article »

How to Avoid Being Broke in January

January is known for being the most depressing month of the year. It's so common that scientists have even pinpointed the most depressing day. It's January the 23rd. This is when all of the bills from Christmas come in, it's still a week till payday. Many people spent up weeks ago as they received benefits or wages early and there's little to look forward to. You can take steps to be prepared though. Resist Short Term Loans In an ideal world no one would need a short term loan. These companies make a packet out of interest and really do prey... Read Full Article »

50 Christmas Saving Tips From Our Readers

As part of our latest competition we asked our readers to share their top Christmas money saving tip with the rest of the SurveyCompare community. There were so many fantastic responses that we decided to pick 50 of our favourite pieces of advice and create this article, which we’re sure will be a handy reference guide for many Christmases to come. General Christmas Shopping Tips 1. "Don't start your shopping too early as you will buy more than you need." Angie Allen 2. "Buy through the year, getting items in the sales online and in the... Read Full Article »

What You Need to Know About Your Energy Bills This Month

This month a lot has been going on behind the scenes in the energy industry. There have been some humongous changes that may impact on our energy bills in a good or bad way. It's thought that now, apart from mortgage and rent payments, energy is a household's biggest monthly expense. We're all looking for ways to save but really the prices we pay are in the hands of the companies and the government. The Big Debate Labour announced this month that they could freeze energy prices until 2015. With the big six increasing their prices by up to 10... Read Full Article »

What can we do About Rising Prices of Essential Fuel?

The government have been in the news this week as they go to court to protect the rights of bankers to claim big bonuses. All the while we little people struggle to make ends meet as winter fuel prices rise by an incredible 10%. As Russell Brand pointed out to Jeremy Paxman the government at present is missing the bigger issue. They may be fighting for corporations, spending time protecting bankers bonuses but they're completely forgetting that a 10% rise in fuel is a lot of money to us. The bankers bonuses can stretch into hundreds of... Read Full Article »

Be Prepared to Save Money for Christmas

If you have children Christmas will already be on your mind. Love it or hate it, there's nothing quite like seeing the excitement in your little one's eyes. Personally, I think Christmas Eve is more magical than the day itself although I'm always the one that's up first come Christmas Day. Even at the ripe old age of 29 *cough* I still find it impossible to sleep on Christmas Eve, the excitement keeps me awake all night and I collapse sometime around Boxing Day. On Christmas Eve we bake and have family over for a light lunch. As there's a... Read Full Article »

Happy Halloween on a Budget

Halloween is not something we're famed for in Britain. Maybe it's because we've just finished covering the cost of the summer holidays before it dawns on us. Maybe we choose between Halloween and Bonfire Night as they're so close together, or maybe we just don't like pumpkins. Read Full Article »

Cheering up Your Children's Lunchboxes for Less

We are a few weeks into a new academic year now and hopefully children of all ages will be settling back into the school routine. For many young people, school can be an enjoyable but full-on experience and lunch-times and break-times are therefore valuable moments of relaxation throughout the day. Not only are these breaks a chance to play and talk with friends and let off some steam, but there are also an opportunity to refuel and have a snack or meal to keep you going through the next set of lessons. Vary sandwich fillings Whether or not... Read Full Article »

Top Tips for Saving Money on Driving and Car Maintenance

In the current economic climate, it feels as though the cost of living is rising on an almost daily basis without a similar rise in the level of our salaries. All but the most wealthy members of the population have had to make adjustments to their outgoings, but what can we do about those things that we still absolutely have to spend money on? Read Full Article »

How to Eat Out on a Budget

Whether eating out is something you only do on special occasions or something you do every week, the difference between the cost of a restaurant meal and the cost of eating at home can be significant. Here are some good places to get started with vouchers. Download voucher apps onto your smartphone. Popular examples are listed below. The apps are usually free to download, so it makes sense to have a few of them. Voucher Codes Vouchercloud Groupon The above apps are likely to be available on other smartphone systems as well, but if you don'... Read Full Article »