How to Stay Motivated When Working from Home

Working from home is now a luxury many of us can afford as the rise in technology allows us to offer services across the globe.

Yahoo recently banned their employees from working from home despite being an online company that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Family at Home

The reason behind the ban was motivation. They felt that productivity slows significantly when their staff do the same job at home compared to when in an office.

As a workaholic with a home office, I tend to disagree, however through research I’ve found that many people find it difficult to motivate themselves in a home environment.

Personally, I find a workplace much more distracting with people to chat to regularly, interruptions, a constant buzz of conversation behind and a clock you can’t help but watch!

Here’s how I stay motivated working from home!

1) Pretend It’s a Proper Job

It really is tempting to enjoy a lie in when working from home, however this doesn’t help motivation. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish and the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of working for yourself. I make sure I am in my office by 8am every morning.

2) Limit Interruptions

When you work from home some friends and family believe that you’re available all the time. This was a problem that still causes friction within my extended family today. Some really do believe that they can pop in for a few hours and I’ll be free as it’s my own time, whereas my in-laws find it strange that my husband looks after our daughter fulltime when I should be able to as I’m home all day.

You can try to explain the situation, and hope people understand. Personally I have an answer machine, an office that’s distanced from the house and a full list of working hours that I never deviate from!

3) Create Your Own Bubble

This leads me to your home. Even popping to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee can take precious time away as you stop to wash the dishes or to hang the washing out. I’ve invested in a coffee machine for the office. I don’t enter the “home” until the clock strikes 6.

4) Stay Organised

A to do list is an invaluable tool when you work for yourself, not only does it keep tasks organised you achieve such a sense of satisfaction when you can cross tasks off! Create one every evening so it’s ready for you when you start work the next day and try to complete every item.

A Tidy Home Office

5) Set Yourself Goals

It’s important to set goals such as receiving recommendations, securing new contracts or expanding in business as these give you targets to work towards and ensure you keep delivering beyond your own expectations. Don’t settle for humdrum, you chose to work for yourself to fulfil your dreams and ambition, now you have the tools, use them.

6) Reward Yourself

If you are constantly working day in day out, you can become jaded by the experience, no matter how much you love your job. Therefor it’s important to reward yourself and to remember why you started working for yourself in the first place. Book a family holiday, take advantage of flexible working and go shopping during the day when it’s quiet or buy yourself special treats using the money you’d usually spend on the commute into work.

7) Block Social Media

One big procrastination tool for freelancers is social media. You can check in for a few seconds and suddenly lose an hour. There are downloads that block these sites for you during certain times of the day so you can concentrate on work and leave the play for when you are out of the office.

There are many other ways to ensure you stay motivated but your future should be the main driving force behind your motivation.