How to Become a Freelance Blogger

If you are looking for a simple way to start earning some money by working from home then you could do a lot worse than to consider becoming a paid blogger. The start-up costs are pretty much non-existent (assuming you have a computer and an internet connection) and you may well already have most of the required skills and knowledge. This article will explain just how you can utilise these things to create an extra source of income. Read Full Article »

How to Work as a Freelance Proofreader

One of the best things about working from home is that in the vast majority of cases you can set your own hours and you can take on as much or as little work as your circumstances allow. Some jobs will still require you to work within certain time parameters (such as making marketing calls, for example) but others can be done at literally any time that suits you. Read Full Article »

Writing Reviews for Products

If you look around your home from where you are now, the chances are that you could count quite a high number of consumer products. If you start walking around, you’ll spot yet more. You might be wondering where this article is going, so here’s the really interesting bit - you can make money, whilst working from home, writing about these products. There aren’t too many people who can afford to say no to the chance to earn a little bit of extra cash at the moment and this is a great opportunity to start doing so with less effort than you... Read Full Article »

What are RSA or OCR certifications

RSA (The Royal Society of Arts) certifications are professional typing and word processing courses. RSA used to be an examination body in its own right but now comes under OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA). Therefore, in their current form RSA certifications are named OCR qualifications. However, in many places the qualifications are referred to as OCR (RSA). In this article we will look at what the certifications can be used for, the different courses available and discuss the best places to obtain these qualifications in the United Kingdom.... Read Full Article »

Example of Typing Job Resume

Make your Typing Job Resume Speak Volumes Creating an impressive resume can lend a lot of weight to that job you desire, but the trick is to keep it short and succinct whilst including as much relevant content as you can. For the general typist, speed and accuracy must be keenly highlighted, but not necessarily at the expense of playing down other skills that figure highly under the umbrella of a typing job. With just a few sound tips in place, your resume could put you firmly in the position of 'excellent candidate' and help you to secure the... Read Full Article »

How to Type Fast

So How Fast is Fast? Expert opinion on the assessment of a typist's speed is divided but the general consensus seems to be that a rate of 30wpm (words per minute) is slow, a speed of 31-54wpm is average and 55wpm and above is fast. Anything over 100wpm is considered to be very fast, particularly if it completed with no errors. Read Full Article »

Typing Jobs at Home

Use your Typing Skills to Work from Home Work from home jobs via the internet are on the increase and are fast becoming more innovative as the options open up. The various different types of job suitable for the home worker can often be similar to a job or career they once had outside of the home, and this is an excellent 'foot in the door' to becoming quite successful in a work from home situation. When considering any type of work at home job that makes use of your existing skills, a typing job is one well worth considering; businesses... Read Full Article »

Review of Online Typing Jobs

Who Makes a Good Candidate for a Home Based Typing Job? The TUC estimate about 3.7 million people work from home, and more and more businesses and companies look set to allow their employees to do so. While a proportion of these were employees of large companies, many were individuals looking to generate an income from a variety of online opportunities. Many self-employed people work from home. For those with some previous experience, typing offers an excellent way of earning extra income from the comfort of your own home. While some scam... Read Full Article »

Admin Jobs You Can Do From Home

In recent years, as broadband speeds have increased and cultural attitudes have started to change, there has been an increase in the number of jobs that employers are happy to see completed at home. Administration jobs are a prime example of this as the vast majority of admin jobs from data entry and typing, through to basic accounting, can be completed anywhere as long as you have access to a computer. Employers are increasingly growing used to the idea that work does not have to be completed in the hours between nine and five, allowing... Read Full Article »