Interactive Guide to Finding Work From Home

Finding work means a lot of looking, and knock-backs. Everyone who has ever tried to track something down knows it’s hard to find anything without directions, and so we’ve created an interactive guide for finding work.

The interactive guide feels like a journey planner to us, because we’ve designed it to take you from wherever you find yourself now, to a number of employment opportunities. Some may surprise you, and most involve developing a skill you might have taken for granted until now.

We have conducted some research into who uses SurveyCompare, and created our guide so it’s relevant to just about everyone who comes to the site.

Following the guide step-by-step will take you from top to bottom. Along the way you’ll find a number of links to the best tips and tricks we could find. Our hope is that these links help you think differently, in a fresh way, about what you might do in order to earn money. Click on them to read the best information we’ve been able to find online.

Which of these describe you the best

But that is only the first half of the guide. The second part is all about upskilling – developing talents and skills that you can be paid for. It’s never too late to learn something new, and it’s always worth rediscovering lost craft and practical skills, such as sewing, knitting, or woodwork. Again, we’ve found links to help you take yourself one step further than just researching jobs online. Hopefully you’ll be able to use the guide to develop your skills and plan how to start making them pay.

Define and improve yours skills

Finding help online that’s relevant to you can feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack – a lot of the time you dig around forever, wasting hours and hours, which is frustrating. Our guide is supposed to be a remedy. We’ve put all the information you might need in one place, so you can make progress and actually get somewhere.

You’ll find our interactive guide HERE.

Let us know how you get on!