What to Wear When Working From Home

Recently the Prime Minister, David Cameron, was grilled on Question Time about what he wore when working from home. After a few blushes he did admit that the first few hours in the morning are usually spent on the telephone in his pyjamas.

Businessman Working From Home

When I began working from home I declared that every morning I would get dressed as if I was leaving the house to go to an office. I believed that this routine would put me in the right mind-set to start a full day's work. However as work began piling up, I found the phone and Skype ringing from 7am and occasionally I've started in my pyjamas and become so immersed in work that I haven't had the time to change.

With an office at home clients know that I'll be around even before I've finished my first cup of coffee and many like to catch me before they leave for work themselves. As the momentum of the day snowballs there's often not much chance to grab lunch let alone get dressed, and guess what, nobody minds?

I Can See You!

Although not a daily occurrence, with others doing the school run, it's quite comforting curling up in an office chair without worrying about laddering tights, however I did encounter a surprise once day when my Skype pinged to life.

I accepted a call believing it to be audio, only to find the CEO of a company that will remain nameless staring back at me in my Sesame Street Ernie pyjamas. His face was a picture as he took in the slogan across my chest that read “WAKE UP” along with a wilted daisy chain my toddler had brought me after a stint in the garden with Dad.

Working from home in a dressing gown

It wasn't the impression I wanted to get across, and if it was 7am I could have maybe gotten away with it, yet it was 3pm. Luckily, the CEO took my attire as quirky and the work of a creative mind, but I never worked in pyjamas without a few items to hand again.

How to Fake It

Now I work in comfortable clothes, I take advantage of the fact that I don't have to wear stiff suits or uncomfortable shoes when working from home. I save these for the meetings I have face to face. Instead of pyjamas, I've found loungewear that has no slogans, isn't brightly coloured, and is usually simply black leggings and a fitted T-shirt.

To my right I have a suit jacket and a hair band so if Skype does ping I can quickly look corporate and professional – as long as they don't look below the desk and see the bunny slippers on my feet!