There are Now Even More Surveys on Offer and I’m Outraged at the Small Bags in my Local TESCO

Evening all,

It’s Sunday again and this week saw a lot of new survey panels and an increase in the payment amounts being offered. Some survey panels had dropped their payment from £1 to 50p but have now returned to £1 again. I have no idea what makes survey values fluctuate like that but I do know that you should try to do surveys whenever you have the chance. Surveys stay available until enough candidates of the required demographics have been selected. After that point that survey disappears.

I’ve also seen a number of varied options for payment by a wider selection of vouchers. There have also been a number of simple tasks made available for which a payment is made. You could actually become quite busy if you took advantage of all of the online work options available through SurveyCompare and I urge you to browse the many articles for great ideas on how to make the most of online surveys.

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s got so cold over the last few days to the point where gloves are essential. I completed a few surveys earlier concerning where I shop for winter clothes and I have to admit that Marks & Spencer has surprised me recently by the number of stylish winter coats available and for prices I thought were only found in less respected stores. I also wear size XXL and above in coats and always find it hard to get the right gear to fit from the standard high street shops which is why Marks & Spencer surprised me. Maybe I never gave them a chance in the past and mostly stayed away from M&S thinking they would be too expensive. Anyway, TK MAX also offers some amazing discounted brands if you have the time and patience to browse untidy and disorganised aisles.

I also did one survey asking me my opinion of my closest supermarket which actually gets most of my custom only because of distance. I would not use ASDA all of the time if Tesco was closer, simple. It’s true. I find it annoying how ASDA does not have a loyalty scheme and instead claims to be the cheapest on every level even if one accounts for loyalty points. I’m not too sure about that. What do you think? Anyway, I was also asked about the service I received from my closest TESCO which so happens to be one of those small stores which doesn’t have everything and what it does have seems to be more expensive. Well, the Barking branch is a little rough and there are no large plastic bags most of the time which is a real bind when you want to buy several 1.5 litre drinks. I’ve actually walked out of the store with my shopping on the self-service checkout table due to frustration. I had no milk, water or lemonade that evening but I survived.

Wow, is it that time already? I thought the time went back last night not forward and it’s 11.30pm already. Goodnight my fellow survey takers. Have a good week.