Review of GFK NOP

GfK – NOP or, GfK National Opinion Polls are a large market research company based in London, UK. The company have been providing qualitative and quantitative information to a range of companies in Europe and the UK. As well as running the GfK-NOP survey website, the company also prove mystery shopping and field marketing from an Oxford branch of the

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The company has very strong credentials and is a major player in shaping market research in the UK and in Europe. If time served is any indicator of success then GfK NOP is at the top as it first began in market research in 1957. GfK NOP is the Granddaddy of online survey sites. Some of the surveys provided by GfK NOP are used by the government to consider national feeling and opinion as well for shaping the future of services.

GfK NOP hypes their company as the leading market research agency in consumer insight. Do they have the insight to give their survey takers what they want in terms of rewards and membership incentives? It seems they can as they are able to boast having given out over ten million pounds worth of rewards to their members. They also give out additional prizes to survey takers and lucky winners can see a cash boost of £1,000 to their survey incomings.

The sign-up process is very easy; though it is one of the longest forms to complete from the get go. Some other sites lead you gently in with a few simple questions about your email address and gender only asking for your shoe size at a later date. GfK NOP jumps straight in there with a lengthy questionnaire, though due to the professional air of the site and the strong credentials the questionnaire feels a worthwhile exercise. I am now a member and need to fill out my extended profile details. The questions are straight forward and don’t take too long to fill out. My first proper survey arrives within a week and it is easy to complete and has obviously been well designed.

GfK NOP know that the Maximiles Group is on to a good thing in the way that they deliver their reward option and have therefore partnered with this group to deliver site rewards. Economies of both scale and efficiency are in play here and the partnership works to the advantage of the survey taker with a choice of over 200,000 products and services available from a reliable and convenient source.

The GfK NOP site is very clear about how many times you will be sent surveys and their length. GfK NOP only does short surveys and it’s nice to know that all surveys can be completed within five to ten minutes. It is important to fill out all the profiling questions as GfK NOP aim only to send questionnaires that you will find interested and that are tailored to your specific needs. You will only receive between two and three surveys per month from GfK NOP and so it will take quite a while for your survey points to accumulate. However, from little acorns big oak trees grow so I am more than happy to persevere with this site and see what it brings over the next year or so.

Again the GfK NOP site doesn’t support a community feel to survey taking and is very straight forward in its ‘surveys only’ approach. Due to the infrequency of the surveys it is just a useful and reliable site to have running in the background of your affairs and you may see a bonus in around a year. I intend to use mine to add to the survey pot which I am going to use to indulge myself once a year. I am thinking shoes. Many surveys take only minutes to fill out and can be done whilst doing other things.

The GFK site doesn’t purport to be anything other than a survey site and is very no frills in its approach to surveys. The site isn’t full or bright colours and functionality. It provides no nonsense surveys and that is about it. However it does bring an air of professionalism to the survey site arena and gives you the sense that you may be bringing change to the country, if only in a small way.