Print Your Free Wall Calendar for 2013

A COLLECTION of artwork made by independent illustrators and bloggers is being published as a free 2013 calendar by freelancers’ website SurveyCompare.

Free printable wall calendar 2013

The calendar is available for free download, as well as being printed on a limited run of one hundred by the site, which provides advice on self-employment and opportunities to earn extra cash by completing surveys.

Agnese Geka commissioned the calendar, and says, “The SurveyCompare community is full of artists, writers and makers, who come to us to make a little extra money. It’s easy to forget you have creative skills; the calendar is supposed to be a gentle, inspiring reminder for our community to keep making art. Each month they can turn over a new leaf and see an artwork made not by a celebrity, but by a regular person with creative talent. We encourage people to print and share the calendar with their friends.”

The calendar features twelve artists from around the UK, each at different stages in their careers. Some take private commissions, others make art with children, and a few work with prestigious design houses. Each illustration reflects the time of year it represents, from a plump bunny lying among Easter eggs, to a snoozing man on a park bench in July, to a festive Christmas scene with Father Christmas sleighing among the stars.

On the calendar is printed a little information about each artist, as well as their website details for people to investigate further. Agnese concludes, “The calendar is special because it allows us to commission and create opportunities for our community to follow their own ambitions, in this case illustration. We hope this leads them to bigger and better things.”

To download and print the calendar, CLICK HERE (A4 size, PDF file format)
For more information, contact Agnese Geka:

Preview Calendar

January 2013, done by Samuel Davies, graphic designer based in East London.
January 2013 by Samuel Davies

February 2013, done by Clare Halifax, artist who produces limited edition silk screen prints comprising of drawn scenes and settings, using pattern and colour to create depth and decoration.
February 2013 by Clare Halifax

March 2013, done by Rainy Day Mum, she gets creative with Babies, Toddlers and Pre-schoolers making everyday fun what ever the weather outside.
March 2013 by Rainy Day Mum

April 2013, done by writer and illustrator Omprakash Kaga David. The OKDavid blog is a journal of notes and pictures, plus the occasional longer rumination or story.
April 2013 by OKDavid

May 2013, done by Rosie Lovelock Rosie Lovelock. She is an illustrator with a love of fine line and pattern, greatly inspired by anything decorative and whimsy. Her fairy tale style has leant it's hand to Children's book illustration and the fashion world, after recently designing fabrics for the Oasis 'Rosie Lovelock' clothing range.
May2013 by Rosie Lovelock

June 2013, done by Chris Thomas, he is a freelance illustrator working in London. He probably spends too long reading history books and enjoys feeding his brain with images.
June 2013 by Chris Thomas

July 2013, done by Samuel Mills, he studied Illustration at Southampton Solent University. He lives and draws in London.
July 2013 by Samuel Mills

August 2013, done by Kerry Lemon, she is an artist and illustrator working internationally for clients such as Liberty London, Sony Japan and the LA Times.
August 2013 by Kerry Lemon

September 2013, done by Smiling like Sunshine, run by Isil - Turkish mum living in the UK. An economist turned stay-at-home-mum to Defne (6 years old) and Derin (3 years old), she now trains as a Montessori teacher.
September 2013 by Smiling like Sunshine

October 2013, done by Red Ted Art, a craft website for all the family to enjoy, providing quirky, fun and inexpensive craft ideas to inspire you and your children to have a go.
October 2013 by Red Ted Art

November 2013, done by Mummy..Mummy..MUM!!, it is full of crafts, cakes and learning activities as well as funny anecdotes about life with three under 6's.
November 2013 by Mummy..Mummy..MUM!!

December 2013, done by Kerry from Little Joy Designs, she is a freelance Illustrator, her work is bright and happy - inspired by anything that will make you chuckle
December 2013 by Little Joy Designs

To download and print the calendar (A4 size, PDF file format), CLICK HERE