Pay as You Go Mobiles and Baby Clothes

Hi all,

It appears like I’m back from my hols and the bad weather was waiting for me at terminal 4. After losing the duty free Sambuca and Tanqueray I had purchased in Nairobi to the Dutch security official upon airport re-entry to Schiphol airport, I was so incensed that I didn’t even notice the rain in London later on. Anyway, I did a few surveys whilst I was away just to pass the time when I couldn’t sleep and whilst waiting in airports for flight connections. I have noticed over the last few weeks most of the surveys have been asking about my preferences for particular pay as you go mobile providers. I’m not pushing any one PAYG phone shop but for me there is only room for the Carphone Warehouse and 3.

Most of the surveys wanted to know my experience of all the popular PAYG retailers on and offline and whether I made my most recent purchases online or in store. My feeling has always been that if you want to buy a PAYG phone it should be an immediate purchase rather than waiting for a delivery. It just seems like the proper thing to do. Contract phones, in my view, are more likely to be purchased after some level of online research regarding tariffs and involve credit checks which feel more anonymous when done online and nowhere near as embarrassing should you fail the credit scoring test.

The types of question found on the surveys that I completed suggest that all of the competitors know which retailer is the most successful but need us to let them know why they are the chosen provider. They realise that who we finally buy from is influenced by the quality of experience that we have on their websites and the level of attention and knowledge of staff in store when we do pop into their outlets.

Another topic I’ve been finding in recent surveys is baby clothes again and they were very interested in whether I knew if a particular baby clothes retailer operated online exclusively, in store exclusively or a combination of the two. Since they wanted to know whether I had gone on to buy from the retailers with websites compared to those only having a retail outlet indicated that they feel there is a positive relationship between having a strong online presence and consumer confidence. I personally think that there must be as I would usually research online to see how comprehensive a retailer’s range of baby clothes is and their average prices before visiting their shop. Let’s not beat around the bush here, it’s between Tesco, Asda and Mothercare with other shops such as TK Maxx and Gap possibly getting a visit for a few lovely treats or if they have a sale on. But that’s just me.

Anyway, times up again and the rain is chucking it down on this late Wednesday evening in Barking. I shall snuggle up and smile at the rain sprinkling on my window pane knowing that I am warm and dry while thanking God for central heating.

God bless and goodnight.