Organisation and Time Planning is the Key to Maximising Survey Opportunities

Hi all,

It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything because time has been just flying by. I’ve been at Xerox UK for the past few weeks undergoing technical training and it has been quite tiring. I know, you must be wondering what this mad man is doing in Xerox since we thought he carried out surveys for a living. Well, I don’t. Surveys are interesting ways to earn extra cash and vouchers which really come in handy during Christmas and birthday periods. We can’t, however, expect to make a full time living from surveys without a considerable effort. I do, however, know a man who earns a full-time living from a combination of surveys and other types of online work. You have to be committed and start early in the morning, making sure you properly organise various tasks during the day. Certain time slots should be dedicated to finding new survey opportunities along with other types of online tasks such as writing reviews and articles. Then apportion a significant amount of time completing the surveys you’ve found. Remember, surveys may only be active for a limited period of time until they have collected a predetermined amount of research data and then it closes.

Join up to all of the newly added survey panels on the main website and you could find yourself busy most of the day but you’ll have to spend the few minutes it takes to join each panel. This is a small price to pay considering the extra cash and shopping vouchers you will earn. I must admit, I have not done many surveys for vouchers recently and I’ll make it a point to do as many surveys for vouchers as possible next week because more big brands have been included in the offerings such as Argos, M&S, Boots and Topshop, to name a few.

Although I have not been as lucky as I’d hoped for you can also win amazing prizes just by taking part in surveys and some of the prizes available include Ipads and thousands of pounds in money. Some survey panels pay in points which you can redeem as cash through PayPal when you get to a certain amount in your account. There are a wider variety of survey and research companies requiring research data which they collect in some interesting ways and this can make surveys more interesting than normal. I did a survey/review last week which involved me playing an online game and then answering questions about how easy or hard the game was to master. There are also opportunities involving you collecting data or answering emails, so keep your eyes open for different kinds of online opportunity through the main survey site here and be careful of scams because many scams are advertised as online surveys and opportunities. Only used tried and tested survey sites such as this one rather than risking your private information to unknown and untrusted scam sites.

That’s me for today. I’m off to Neopost in the morning for technical training on some of their franking machines. I do have a varied life. “Giggle”.

See you next time.