Money Saving Tips from SurveyCompare #2

After getting a really good feedback on first part of Money Saving Tips from SurveyCompare team we decided to offer you some more tips from our creative team of writers. We hope you'll find these tips useful or at least it will make you think how you spend your money.

Lima, Eco Journalist

1 - I buy some of my clothes second hand, there are some great charity and vintage shops in London, you can also grab amazing bargains on ebay. To make money my housemates and I sometimes sell clothes we haven't worn for ages on ebay as well.

2 - Avoid forking out on expensive cab fares by planning your route home from a night out so you and a friend can get a night bus.

3 - Buy your fruit and veg from the many independent shops in London, rather than the supermarket. You can pick up your greens for almost a quarter of what they would sell for in a big supermarket.

David, Writer

1 - Live on last months money, and always put a little aside as a 'just in case' fund.

2 - Two different things: (a) Do you need it? And how much? Or (b) do you want it? And how much?

3 - If you choose to do something that costs money, enjoy it and don't regret it. If you think you'll regret it, maybe you shouldn't do it.

4 - Find out old housewives' secrets for domestic stuff. Eg: vinegar good for cleaning things. There are a ton of these.

5 - Be a bit mathsy when you're shopping to make sure you're not overpaying - compare the weight and the price to see if it's a good deal.

6 - Find out exactly what your habits are, and cut your spending down to that. For me, for example: I like vegetables (tomatoes are flavour of the week this week), I like to eat something sweet or oaty after dinner (a teacake or oatcake), I like tea, I like fruit squash (grapefruit), and I like to drink a beer or wine while I'm writing. So I cover those bases.

7 - Think of saving money as waiting for something better to spend it on. Not as depriving yourself.

9 - Start something new. You won't be able to change your habits suddenly unless you are doing something new at the same time. My new thing is swimming.

10 - Make a record of your spending. Also, talk about your finances with friends a lot. Otherwise you lose perspective.

Please share your money saving secrets in the comments below. Thank you!