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Lolly combines writing and being a stay-at-home mum (with two little boys). We’re really privileged to have her writing here on our site. Her style is honest and personal, and her words speak clear out of the page. She writes her articles from her ‘no distractions work station’ – no Twitter or Facebook allowed!

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Martina is a copywriter and journalist who has won multiple awards for her writing on business, relationships, parenting and beauty. Along with working for us, Martina regularly writes for big brands and gives advice on a daily basis. She works from a home office Monday to Friday so knows all about the work life balance. She also has three children from 2 to 13 and constantly suffers from working mother's guilt. She wants to help you achieve your dreams from making extra cash, to entertaining the children, to starting a home business from scratch.

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Agnese runs the SurveyCompare site so she’s an authority on working from home: she writes a lot of advice columns, research pieces, and case studies of people who have taken up paid surveys or other freelance jobs. She’s also the brains behind a lot of the infographics we make.

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Michael has joined to help Agnese run SurveyCompare as the site continues to grow and enlarge its audience. He knows a lot about the paid survey industry and is also an expert in the subject of money saving. Make sure you come back regularly to read his latest tips and advice.

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That’s it really. Enjoy the blog and feel free to join the conversation by leaving comments below each post.

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