How to Advertise Your Home Business on a Budget

Working from home is a dream come true for many as you realise you have a valuable skill that can be sold online. Suddenly a whole new life is born, one that offers freedom, flexibility and time with your family.

Business to do list

However, no matter how talented you are at what you do online, you do need a few extra skills to ensure the work comes flooding in. No longer can you rely on a company's reputation, this is you and only you and you need to sell yourself.

This doesn't come easy to a lot of people as many find it hard to brag but your future customers and clients need to know why they should choose you above anyone else. In another article I'll give you tips on how to do just that. For now, here are ways you can promote your business on a budget without standing with a megaphone in the middle of the High Street.

Go Local

You can of course sell your skills to anywhere in the world online, however many miss the opportunities directly on their doorstep. Pitching yourself nationally or globally is of course good for business but there is much more competition than if you concentrate on your home area.

Offline marketing still works and it works incredibly well. Although there's no denying the convenience of hiring and communicating online, face to face sales and local businesses will win over those far away every time.

It's also incredibly cheap.

Here's How:


Print off black and white flyers, they don't have to be on gloss paper or designed by an expert, they're just to make people aware you exist. Go for a walk, take children or pets and post in your home town or village.

Ask your local newsagent if you can put one in the window (they charge 25p a week) or tack one to the village hall notice board.

You'll be surprised how much interest you get.

Local Paper

You can also advertise in the local paper for a small fee. Ask about deals. If you are brand new, consider an angle on your business that could make a god story. Such as "Single mum finds freedom with new business" or, "new local business brings (town) into the 21st century". Pitch your idea to an editorial team, if they have little news you could get a full page interview for free!

Local Business Listings

Local business listings are a good way to get your business in front of people in your area, and it's also much less competitive than trying to reach the whole of the UK.

You can also create a Google places listing for your company, and remember to include your location in your online profiles or websites.

Online Presence

A professional presence online is essential. Please don't mistake this for a personal Facebook account. You should have a separate persona that is completely family and friends free. This is because potential customers want to know what you do or sell, not how well you handle the tequila at a family barbecue.

Set up new accounts, create a business page on LinkedIn, a fan page on Facebook and join the free business networks online that will list your details for free.