Great New Ways to Earn Cash and More in the New Year

Wow, it feels like months since my last contribution as things have been so hectic for me over the last month. Anyway, Happy New Year and I hope you’ve seen the fantastic new ways to earn that extra cash from surveys and other offers. You can earn cash by performing very simple tasks or joining various survey panels while also being entered into prize draws where you could win holidays, ipads and more. The surveys are still there in more or less the same place but there are extra ways to earn cash when surveys are a little thin on the ground.

After the last crazy month I’ve had my New Year resolution is to really get my time management under control because time seems to be vanishing before my very eyes. I just completed a few surveys asking whether I had ever considered consulting a time management specialist to help organise myself but I don’t think I’d go that far as I relish the opportunity to maximise my time by employing time saving practices such as keeping a proper time table and sticking to it. New Year new measures and I’ll let you know how I’m getting on. For right now I’ve bought a special diary/planner to plan every hour of work I do.

You’ll notice that there are a lot more survey panels all over Google offering everything from cash prizes to holidays and other products. Take the time to make sure you are not just signing up to give your permission for an onslaught of emails from third parties rather than real survey opportunities. You’ll be surprised how many additional emails you can receive just by joining the wrong survey website and make sure you double check whether you are supposed to uncheck or check the opt-out button. The trick is normally displayed as “Check this box if you do not want to receive emails from relevant third parties” or similar which normally follows the promise “We will never use your details for any purpose for which we have not gained your prior permission”. Just be careful. The problem occurs when you start to receive so many junk emails that you adopt the understandable practice of deleting all of your junk or spam emails including those you may actually need to see.

Anyway, keep your eyes out for some of the new ways to get those extra pounds in after the last month of overspending, overeating and over drinking. Sorry, I shouldn’t judge others by my appalling standards. Talk to you all soon and enjoy the first week of 2013.

Jay – only a step from post-Christmas rehab