Part Time Jobs for Extra Income

Looking to Earn a Part Time Income from Home? If you are looking to work from home part time, there are many opportunities available. These include online surveys, data input, stuffing envelopes, article writing, sales, virtual assistant, research, web design, manufacturing and many more. There are numerous jobs available which do not need any skills or experience, but if you do have skills in a certain area, then there should be a home working opportunity which would suit you. In addition to these jobs, you may want to consider looking at... Read Full Article »

Weekend Job Ideas

Why Work Weekends? There are a number of reasons why a person would choose to look for a weekend job. Some may like the flexibility of being free on weekdays, perhaps due to family commitments. For others, it may an issue of childcare, with working couples wishing to rotate childcare arrangements to save on costs. Students may need to work at weekends to fund the cost of fees or gain additional income, and there may be some people who need more than one job and so feel obliged to find weekend work. Still, whatever the reason for looking for... Read Full Article »