Go Viral With Videos and Earn via YouTube

Many of us are looking for creative ways to earn money these days. Whilst it would be lovely to think that we could all make our fortunes doing exactly what we loved, the fact is that a lot of us are doing whatever jobs we can in order to stay in employment and keep a regular salary coming in. Read Full Article »

How to Sell Your Homemade Crafts Online

Many of us are always keen to find out about different ways in which we could earn extra money, especially if they are relatively easy opportunities which we can take up from home. However, some people might not need to look too far to find a fun and exciting way to make money - these days it’s possible to sell your homemade crafts online and perhaps even build up a little business around your talents and hobbies. If this sounds like you, then read on to find out all about how to get started. Read Full Article »

How to Get Paid to Create Greetings Cards

Many of us could do with finding a way to supplement our household income at the moment and given our already hectic lives, the chances are that these ‘extra’ jobs would have to be tasks we could undertake at home, with a flexible weekly commitment that wasn’t dependent on us working certain hours. Read Full Article »

Earn Points For Your Shopping

It’s always nice to think that you’re earning money without having to do anything and retailers’ loyalty schemes are a perfect example of this idea. Many high street stores and supermarkets will have some sort of system whereby you are able to collect ‘points’ based on how much you spend in each transaction. These points then accumulate over time and once you reach certain milestones you are able to translate them into vouchers. The vouchers might be for money off your bill next time you shop at the store, or you might choose to redeem them... Read Full Article »

How to Make Money Online: 30 Suggestions

It's never been easier to make money online. From earning points on your everyday shopping that you can turn into cash, to running a fully fledged website selling your very own products, there's something that everyone can do. Read Full Article »

50 Ways to Make Extra Money

In the current difficult financial climate every bit extra can help. Here we look at 50 different ways you could raise extra money. 1. Sell your unwanted clutter on eBay If you have some items in your house that you are no longer using, then sell the items on eBay. You will be surprised what other people will pay good money for anything from empty perfume bottles to children's toys. Its free to register and to make the most money keep an eye out for free listing weekends. 2. Recycle your old mobile handsets There are a number of companies set... Read Full Article »

How to manage two or more part time jobs

Think You Can't Juggle Two Or More Part-Time Jobs? Holding down two or more part-time jobs can be a huge challenge, but it can also be worth it in more than a financial way. Apart from the obvious concerns about how you will fit everything into each day, the main challenge will be to organize your time so that your efforts will not only maximize your earnings, but you will also have a good quality of life outside of your work. If just the thought of having more than one or two part-time jobs makes you break into a sweat, you might be... Read Full Article »

Make Extra Income by Joining Jamie at Home

Up Your Income by Joining Jamie at Home There aren't many people in the UK who would say no to an opportunity to earn some extra cash for doing something fun and something different, especially given the current state of the economy. Unfortunately, most people are put off the idea of supplementing their income by the huge number of online scams doing the rounds. How can you tell a legitimate opportunity from a dodgy setup? One very easy way is to work for a well known and well respected brand such as Jamie Oliver, for example. Popular... Read Full Article »

Part Time Work Regulations

A Good Time to be a Part-time Employee? A report in the Guardian newspaper in October 2011 reported the latest figures released from the Office of National Statistics showed that the number of those employed within the UK workforce had dropped by 178,000 in the three months to August 2011, the most dramatic quarterly fall since July 2009. Of even more concern was the fact that 175,000 of those lost jobs had come from the part-time sector, leaving industry analysts quick to point the finger at two predominant factors; the fall in public sector... Read Full Article »

Part Time Jobs from Home

Could a Part Time Job from Home be Right for You? For a variety of reasons, people sometimes find that they are unable to work outside the home in a regular job. Working from home can provide an ideal solution for those who cannot physically cope with normal work or for those with other responsibilities like caring for their family. There are a number of different ways in which you can make money from home but these opportunities may not be suited to everyone. In most cases you will need to at least have a certain amount of undisturbed time in... Read Full Article »