How Will You Spend Your Paid Survey Earnings?

Whatever your reasons for taking paid surveys, the question of how to spend your earnings can be quite exciting. You might choose to use cash payouts to help with your household bills and spend your vouchers on birthday or Christmas gifts. Or you might prefer to put your cash earnings towards a holiday and buy a whole new wardrobe with a year's worth of vouchers. Either way, you can have fun planning your goals and you never know where your survey earnings may take you over time. Read Full Article »

Making Money with Paid Surveys Case Study #3 - Sara

Here you'll find our previous Case Studies with: Valerie and Mark. This time we spoke to Sara from Manchester who has been taking paid surveys for last 12 months. Read Full Article »

Paid Surveys: Are They Really Worth the Effort?

Taking paid surveys online is great way of earning extra money to supplement your income, or to earn points towards vouchers to spend at your favourite High Street or online stores. The only qualification you need is the ability to air your opinions, and you never have to pay any money upfront for joining. However, if you are thinking about signing up, you need to know what to expect, and how to make the most of your earning opportunities. Read Full Article »

Making Money with Paid Surveys Case Study #2 - Mark

After receiving positive feedback on our first Case Study on making money with paid surveys with Valerie, SurveyCompare continues to publish our Case Studies for those who are trying to find out how much people actually earn with paid surveys, how much time it takes to get paid, how many surveys one has to take in order to get the rewards and many more. In our second Case Study we interviewed Mark from Lowestoft, Mark has been taking paid surveys for years: Mark's work space How do you choose to spend your earnings – cash or gift vouchers?... Read Full Article »

Survey Companies: The Reasons Behind the Rewards

Survey companies reward you with points, vouchers and money in return for giving your opinions. Companies value your opinion as it can help them to improve products and services. Without your input there would be a lot of failed products on the market. Therefore, when companies have a new idea for a product, it is important to gather the views of the general public in order to gain an insight on what they can do to improve the product if necessary. This also helps gives them an idea of which age group to target the product at. Read Full Article »

Making Money with Paid Surveys Case Study #1- Valerie

One of the most frequently asked questions from our Facebook followers and visitors is - How much has anyone actually earned from paid surveys? And this is why SurveyCompare decided to put together a case study for you and interview some of our survey takers. SurveyCompare asked few questions to Valerie who lives in UK and has been taking paid surveys to get some extra money. Solomon, he helps on the laptop How do you choose to spend your earnings – cash or gift vouchers? I usually save amazon vouchers for Christmas presents What is the... Read Full Article »

Are Paid Surveys for You?

Everyone Can Do It... Or Can They? Paid surveys are fast becoming one of the best home working opportunities available. They're reliable, they're simple, they're flexible and they offer some great rewards ranging from shopping vouchers to real cash. Paid surveys are ideal for many people, but there are of course some considerations to take into account when deciding if this method of working from home is right for you. Read Full Article »

Become a Paid Survey Expert!

4 Easy Steps to becoming a Paid Survey Expert! More and more families are finding they're being left with less disposable income than ever before. While pay rises are hard to come by and redundancies are up, the cost of living continues to increase. If only there were a way to supplement existing income, or for stay at home parents to generate a little extra spending money... Read Full Article »

Learn to Avoid Scam Survey Sites

Online Surveys - Money to be Made or A Waste of Time? There are lots of flashing and blinking banners online offering up to £50 per survey but beware of them! Taking online surveys is not a get rich quick scheme and while you can earn a modest amount, it will certainly not be enough to supplement a full time job. So it is important to carefully choose the survey sites you sign up to and learning how to spot (and ultimately avoid) the gimmicky sites that can easily take up your valuable time for virtually no reward. How to Spot Signs Something... Read Full Article »

Surveys for Money

Taking paid surveys online is one of simplest and quickest ways to boost your earnings or provide you with some extra cash or vouchers to save for those times of the year when your purse is stretched. Your input is highly valued by manufacturers of new and improved products, and if you're someone who enjoys giving your opinion, you will no doubt be excited to know that your voice goes some way towards influencing what ends up on on the shelves. Taking paid surveys online can also be a fun and engaging experience - and what could be more... Read Full Article »